Philippines Alert for Typhoon, Deploy Police to Persuade Residents Refusing to Evacuate

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Philippines ordered the evacuation of residents when Typhoon Doksuri started moving toward the country on Tuesday (25/7). They also mobilized the police to persuade residents who refused to evacuate.

“We are deploying the police to reassure the stubborn people who refuse to evacuate,” Castillejos told AFP.



The Philippine weather agency reported super typhoon Doksuri would bring maximum gusts of 185 kph as it made its way toward three inhabited islands off the northern tip of Luzon Island.

Typhoon Doksuri is also expected to trigger heavy rains on the islands and northern Cagayan, Apayao and Ilocos Norte provinces on Tuesday.

Local disaster official Charles Castillejos said coastal communities on the islands had been asked to leave their homes. Fishermen have also been told to remove their boats from the sea.

The Philippine weather agency warned that storms with waves of more than three meters could hit some low-lying areas.

Heavy rains are also expected across the northern province in the coming days. Not only that, landslides are also called “very likely” to occur.

(Gambas:Video CNN)

The typhoon, commonly known as Egay, is expected to pass very close to the northeastern Babuyan or Cagayan islands on Wednesday afternoon.

The typhoon will then move towards Taiwan and China.

Every year, the Philippines is hit by an average of 20 major storms that kill hundreds of people. Scientists have warned that such storms are becoming stronger as the world warms due to climate change.


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