Heru Budi Will Review PIK 2 Proposal to Enter Thousand Islands Administration

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Acting (Pj) Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono admitted that he would review the proposal for the Pulau Indah Kapuk Reclamation Area (PIK) 2 to become part of the administrative area of ​​the Seribu Islands Regency.

Heru said that his party would examine the area and later enter the land area or Seribu Island.



“Yes, it’s OK to study the land side or the Thousand Islands later. What’s the suggestion from the Regent?” said Heru in the Thousand Islands, Tuesday (25/7).

Previously, on 5 December 2022 at the City Hall of DKI Jakarta, the Seribu Islands Regent Junaedi proposed that the reclamation area or PIK 2 be part of the regional administration. He admitted that he wanted equality in development in his area, which is also part of DKI Jakarta.

“Because it’s for equality, if not this, a thousand islands to several tens of Regents are now 21 years old, just like that. There has been no significant development,” said Junaedi at the time.

At that time, Junaedi also admitted that he had submitted a proposal by writing to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

Quoting from the official website of the Seribu Islands Regency, the proposal to include PIK 2 is an effort to strengthen the National Strategic Tourism Area (KPSN) in realizing the concept of the Land of 1,000 Islands in Jakarta’s waters.

Junaedi said the Thousand Islands had been able to meet their basic needs thanks to development for 21 years after being separated from North Jakarta.

However, he added, development as a tourism area tends to be insignificant. Moreover, the development has not been significant enough even though it has been designated as a National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN).

Junaedi said tourism development would have a direct impact on the economy and welfare of the Thousand Islands residents. This coincides with the many developers who are interested in investing in building with the concept of the Country of 1,000 Islands, even though it is constrained by National Park regulations.


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