The Deputy Governor of North Sumatra is Undaunted to Face Edy Rahmayadi in the 2024 Pilgub

Medan, CNN Indonesia —

Deputy Governor of North Sumatra Musa Rajekshah (Ijeck) said he was ready to run as an incumbent in the 2024 Pilgub.

He is also not afraid of having to face North Sumatra’s incumbent governor, Edy Rahmayadi, in the gubernatorial election contest next year.

“Ready, ready whenever,” said Ijeck who also serves as Chairman of the DPD I Golkar Party of North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Friday (26/5).



Ijeck responded to Edy Rahmayadi’s decision that he was ready to run for two terms as Governor of North Sumatra. According to Ijeck, Edy Rahmayadi’s attitude is legitimate.

“That’s okay, whoever has the right. Go ahead. Even if the current governor (Edy Rahmayadi) says he wants to run, it’s fine, there’s no problem with us,” said Ijeck.

Ijeck said that until now the Golkar Party is still looking at the political map for the 2024 election contestation. Nevertheless, Ijeck expressed his desire to run for the 2024 North Sumatra gubernatorial election even though there was no official declaration yet.

“Hopefully the results of this legislative election will be good for all of us. And we hope that in 2024 we also want to advance in the gubernatorial election, although until now I have never made an official statement,” he said.

Ijeck admitted that he had not officially declared his candidacy for the 2024 North Sumatra gubernatorial election, because he was still serving as Deputy Governor of North Sumatra.

“Because I am still serving as deputy governor until September 5, 2023. And going forward for the gubernatorial election, we will see. Hopefully, if nothing changes, I will also take part in the 2024 gubernatorial election,” he said.

Forward to the 2024 DPR Election

Not only the Pilgub, Ijeck admitted that after his tenure as Deputy Governor of North Sumatra was over, he would run for the 2024 DPR Legislative Election for the electoral district of North Sumatra 1.

“And God willing, after this I will advance in the DPR RI legislature for the North Sumatran 1st election, but after I finish the position of deputy governor. Until now I have not registered for the legislative election,” he said.

Assurance from Edy Rahmayadi

Previously, the incumbent Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi, decided to run for the North Sumatra gubernatorial election in 2024.

“I’ve decided last night, I’m running,” said Edy Rahmayadi, Wednesday (24/5).

“Even though I haven’t prepared all of this yet, I am running for governor,” he added.

Regarding the party that will carry him to run later, Edy Rahmayadi also said that he has not yet decided.

“Not yet,” said the former Commander of Kostrad.

Edy said that he was ready to defeat his rival when he advanced to the Pilkada. He ensured that he would compete positively.

“People who later want to become governors, we are positive rivals. This is just a wish,” he said.

Edy said he was still enthusiastic about serving as Governor of North Sumatra for two terms.

“Just pray, as long as you are there, cheer me up,” said the man who was also the Bukit Barisan Military Commander.

It is known that Edy Rahmayadi currently leads North Sumatra with Musa Rajekshah alias Ijeck. Edy and Ijeck’s tenure will end on September 5, 2023.


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