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Jakarta – Volvo Cars Indonesia is not yet fully operational, but it has achieved positive results in car sales.

Yoshiya Horigome, President Director of Volvo Cars Indonesia, in his official statement recently stated that the sales figures for Volvo cars have exceeded the initial projection in Indonesia by exceeding the first 100 units before the official launch of the first showroom.

There are at least two new Volvo car models that contribute the most sales.

Mobile Volvo

“C40 and XC40BEV are the two most popular models, contributing 50% of total sales and continue to increase trend,” said Horigome.

Horigome added that the company wants to build the Volvo Cars brand by convincing customers of its unique value foundation, safety, quality, and having a good impact on the environment.

Volvo Workshop and Service Center Opens July

As a form of service to customers who wish to service their vehicles, Volvo Cars Indonesia plans to open a workshop and service center in July 2023.

Workshops and service centers use solar panels to reduce electricity consumption and rainwater treatment systems to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. This action is in line with Volvo’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Customers will be served by a team of certified Volvo mechanics who have received training from Volvo L&D Technical & Service Business | APEC.

In the same place, there is a charging station with a capacity of 22 kWh which can be used by customers.

Mobile Volvo

Volvo Claims To Have Sold 100 Cars

In the future, Volvo Cars Indonesia will increase the number of charging stations to make it easier for customers to recharge their electric car batteries.

After the workshop and service center are operational, the following month the Swedish brand will inaugurate the opening of the showroom.

“Being a brand that pioneers the penetration of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the luxury segment carries a great responsibility for Volvo Cars in setting the standard for customer satisfaction. Volvo Cars aims to create an ownership experience that is sensitive to customer needs in order to gain the long-term trust of customers,” concluded Horigome.

Author: Santo Sirait

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