News : Three Years of Release! Lokapala Ready to Expand to Southeast Asia as a Pioneer of New Economic Sources | GameBox

The Covid-19 outbreak caused a slowdown in the global economy, but the creative economy sector experienced rapid growth. In Indonesia, the gaming sector has grown by up to 8.99% in the last five years, surpassing global economic growth which only reached 4.35% due to the pandemic.

The game industry in Indonesia continues to grow, with mobile games as the largest sector generating value of IDR 1,530 trillion in 2022. However, most game transactions still come from imported games, causing a significant trade balance deficit.

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Anantarupa Studios, the developer of the Lokapala game, introduces Indonesia’s first esports game that carries the archipelago’s cultural values. Lokapala has succeeded in becoming a national game industry that has the potential to increase economic growth and introduce Indonesian culture to foreign countries.

As the leader of ASEAN, Indonesia is expanding Lokapala to Southeast Asia by opening closed beta servers in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines in June 2023. This expansion is not only aimed at accelerating the creative economy sector, but also as a cultural diplomacy mission.

Jerry Sambuaga, Deputy Minister of Trade of Indonesia (left) – Ivan Chen, CEO of Anantarupa Studios (right)

Lokapala also has a new expansion agenda for Indonesia by updating the appearance of characters and maps in the game as well as holding various national and regional scale tournaments. Lokapala also formed the Balasena community to encourage community growth throughout Indonesia.

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