Lawyers Deny Mario Dandy Planned to Abuse David

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Mario Dandy Satriyo’s attorney (20), Andreas Rahot Silitonga will try to show evidence in court denying that his client had planned the assault on Cristalino David Ozora.

“All that remains is that at trial we will see what the evidence will be like. Yes, because of this there are various kinds of articles being accused. Indeed, the most important thing is whether this is related to planning or not,” said Andreas at the South Jakarta District Attorney’s Office (Kejari) Friday ( 26/5).

“Yes (denied) related to planning. That’s what it’s all about,” he said.



According to Andreas, his party is no longer debating the matter of persecution. Because, it has been proven in the recording.

Andreas explained that his party would prepare facts and witnesses that would strengthen Mario. Andreas said, his party would call to see how the prosecutor would prove his charges in court.

Appointed before the complete file

Furthermore, Andreas said he was appointed to be Mario’s attorney in the middle of the file completion process.

“Before this second stage. Before (complete files). I want to go through this second stage of the process,” he said.

He claims to have met Mario before. However, Andreas did not explain in more detail regarding this matter.

Mario Dandy Satriyo (20) and Shane Lukas (19) are officially in the custody of the Attorney General’s Office. They were detained at the Cipinang Detention Center after being transferred from Polda Metro Jaya to the South Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office on Friday (26/5).

Polda Metro Jaya investigators have also submitted evidence to the prosecutor’s office.

The Kejari has also prepared 12 public prosecutors (JPU) to oversee Mario and Shane’s trial.

“The prosecutor prepared around 12 people. If asked about the problem of having handled Sambo, there may also be some. Some are new, some have handled the Sambo case,” said Head of the South Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office Syarief Sulaeman Nahdi in a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (26/5 ).

When asked further by the media crew, Syarief did not specify the names of the 12 prosecutors. He only emphasized that the 12 prosecutors had used the name South Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office.

“Basically, the total is 12 for the two suspects,” said Syarief.

Mario was charged with Article 355 of the Criminal Code paragraph 1 subsidiary of Article 354 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code subsidiary 535 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary 351 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code. Investigators also charged Mario Article 76c Jo 80 of the Child Protection Act.

Meanwhile, Shane was charged with Article 355 paragraph 1 Jo Article 56 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary 354 paragraph 1 Jo 56 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary 353 paragraph 2 Jo 56 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary 351 paragraph 2 Jo 76c of the Child Protection Act.

The police also named a teenage girl with the initials AG as a child in conflict with the law in this case.

AG underwent trial and was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. Against this decision, AG filed an appeal to cassation.


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