Husband Torn Wife’s Vagina, What are the Dangers of Torn Vagina?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Muksin Nasution, a resident of Padang Lawas Regency, North Sumatra, injured his wife’s vagina until it torn. This action was carried out because his wife refused to be invited to have sex.

“It was torn with his hands, (the wound was torn) 10 cm,” said the Head of the Barumun Police, AKP Miptahuddin, as reported by

The wife also had to be rushed to the hospital due to continued bleeding.



Knowing this incident, obstetrician Boy Abidin said that the torn vagina in this case refers more to the area of ​​the vaginal lips or labia.

“The lip area of ​​the vagina is thin, it can be torn. This tear is because the muscles are not ready, tense, stiff,” said Boy on, Friday (26/5).

Pussy lips are actually elastic. Elasticity, he continued, had already been prepared. In intercourse, there needs to be foreplay so that the vaginal muscles relax, there is lubrication so that penetration can be more comfortable.

Without relaxed and lubricated muscles, the lips of the vagina will be narrow, stiff so that if there is forced penetration or the act of inserting something, it can be torn.

Apart from the case in North Sumatra, Boy explained that the torn vaginal lips could be up, down or sideways which is very unlikely.

“If the tear hits a large blood vessel (towards the vagina), the blood vessel is active, bleeding occurs. If it is not stopped, death results,” he said.

If it is torn into the anal area, there will be damage or interference with defecation. Women will find it difficult to control bowel movements.

Then if it tears up or into the bladder area, then urinary control is disturbed.

Can torn vaginal lips be repaired?

Torn vaginal lips can be repaired. Boy said the doctor would sew up the torn area, especially if it was torn to the vaginal area. The suture action will be like the suture technique of an episiotomy wound or an incision made during delivery.

Meanwhile, if the tear is towards the anus and bladder, the action will be different.

“Torn to the anus, consult a surgeon for reconstruction. Torn towards the bladder, consult a urologist for repair,” he added.


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