Bagnaia Invites MotoGP Racer to Support Steward

Without going into specific cases, most riders in the premier class have come under constant criticism in recent years for their sometimes inconsistent decisions regarding penalties for maneuvers or similar incidents.

The tension continues to increase from time to time. A claim that led to the first joint meeting between a MotoGP rider and stewards, led by Freddie Spencer. While some participants rated the meeting positively as having the opportunity to engage in a two-way dialogue, others classified it as innocuous, nearly useless.

Pecco Bagnaia is one of the most enthusiastic about the initiative being taken. For the current world champion, the moment is difficult because the focus tends to be more concentrated on the controversial than the sporting one.

To correct this deviation, the Ducati rider calls for collective responsibility to his colleagues. He invited them not to accuse the steward, even though he believed they were wrong in their decision.

“The board members have changed their attitude and are trying to get closer to us,” said Bagnaia in an interview with

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At Jerez, Pecco was penalized by one grid in the middle of the race, after making contact with Jack Miller. The sanction was criticized by the drivers, who understood that the clash between the Italian and Australian pilots was fit for racing.

“I understand why they punished me at Jerez, although from my point of view it was wrong. The stewards tried to find a balance and that’s why I accepted it,” he said.

“Now, is not the time to fight them, but to join them. The current situation requires us to stand by their side and let them do their job,” added the man from Turin.

“It was very difficult for us 20 people to agree, because we all look out for each other’s interests. You can agree with four or five people, but thinking about going further is complicated.

“One thing I really like is that, after the incident between Maverick Vinales and I, we were both called to Race Direction. That way we could talk, watch videos together and reflect. It was a step forward.”

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