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Specifications Yamaha MX King

New color for Yamaha MX King 150 (Photo: YIMM)

Jakarta – Talking about the motorbike segment, in the last 3 years it has not been as busy as the scooter segment. Indonesian people are now starting to shift their attention from mopeds to scooters.

The main reason is the ease and comfort of driving. Motor scooters do not need to bother changing gears while driving. Enough gas and brakes, can go anywhere.

One of the mopeds that was quite a trend in its time was the Yamaha Jupiter MX. The motorbike, which was first released in 2005, fills the sports-themed duck segment.

His presence at that time received a pretty good reception. As a result, sales are good enough to swing along with other ducks such as Yamaha Vega and Yamaha Jupiter.

One of the reasons why it sells well is the engine. Yamaha Jupiter MX at that time came with a 135cc engine. The engine capacity can be considered large enough for sports-themed ducks.

In 2015, Yamaha introduced the third generation of Jupiter MX under the name Yamaha Jupiter MX-King. The difference is, the engine capacity is enlarged to 150cc.

Specifications Yamaha MX King

Yamaha MX King 150 Aggressive Red (Foto: Yamaha)

This is due to the use of forged pistons whose size is increased to a size of 57 mm. Previously, the piston size was 54 mm.

But unfortunately in recent years the name Yamaha Jupiter MX-King has begun to fade. Motorbikes, especially those with clutches, are starting to be abandoned by consumers in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

The city of Jakarta, which has traffic jams, is more comfortable using an automatic motorbike. Because Carmudian doesn’t need to shift gears and hold the clutch in hand when stuck.

Even though it’s starting to be forgotten, it feels like this motorbike is still fun enough to be discussed. What are the specifications for the Yamaha Jupiter MX-King in 2021, huh?

Yamaha Jupiter MX-King 2021 specifications

Machine Still Same

Yamaha gives the jargon ‘The King of the Street’ for Jupiter MX-King. You could say the specifications haven’t changed much since it was released in 2015, even the engine is still the same.

The engine still uses a capacity of 150 cc, 1 cylinder, SOHC, injection, liquid cooled, 4 stroke. This machine is capable of producing power up to 15 hp @ 8,500 rpm with a torque of 13.8 Nm @ 7,000 rpm.

Yamaha Jupiter MX-King Engine Specifications

Capacity 150 cc Number of cylinders 1 cylinder Injection Technology, SOHC, liquid cooling, 4 stroke Power 15 hp @ 8,500 rpm Torque 13.8 Nm @ 7,000 rpm 5 speed Manual Transmission

For the transmission itself, it uses a 5-speed manual. Even though the engine is still the same, Yamaha is providing an update in 2021 in the form of adding more and more complete features.

This machine is also supported by the use of a lightweight chassis. Yamaha claims that the chassis used by the MX-King is made of lightweight materials.

Added Features

One of the features that has become standard on the MX-King in 2021 is the LED headlamps. Both the twilight lights, the main lights and the remote lights use bluish-white LEDs.

Specifications Yamaha MX King

Yamaha MX King 150 Adorable Orange (Foto: Yamaha)

As a result the quality of lighting at night is better and the speedometer is already using a full digital model. This fully digital speedometer is exactly the same as that used on the Yamaha Aerox 155 and Yamaha N-Max.

The speedometer display is certainly enough to give the impression of being a modern motorbike and on the screen there is some information such as speed, rpm, gear position, trip meter and fuel indicator.

Unfortunately, this speedometer has a drawback, which is often broken on the LCD. The reason is that often parked in the hot sun can make the LCD damaged or blurry.

Wide and Tubeless Tires

Another thing that is the attraction of the Jupiter MX-King is the tires. The tires are equipped with a size that is wide enough and of course it is a tubeless model.

At the front, the tire size is 90/80 with a rim size of 17 inches. Meanwhile, on the rear, it uses a 120/70 tire size with a 17-inch rim size.

This fairly wide dimension makes the motorbike quite fun to be invited to lie down a little. Even the manufacturer with the tuning fork logo claims that the tires used on the MX-King are tubeless tires that are wide in their class.

Suspension and Brakes

How about the suspension? Yamaha pairs the front suspension with a telescopic type. While behind using a monoshock model which gives a pretty sporty appearance.

Yamaha MX (Photo: Yamaha)

The brakes also use double discs. The disc alias is already on the front brake and rear brake. Although the size of the disc is not too big, the use of discs clearly makes braking safer and better.

Harga Jupiter MX King 2021

One of the reasons why many people are starting to leave the MX-King is the price. The price is arguably slightly different from automatic scooters in the country.

MX-King is sold at Rp. 24 million to Rp. 24.3 million. Here are the variants and their prices;

Price Yamaha Jupiter MX

Jupiter MX 150 IDR 18.9 million Jupiter MX King 150 IDR 24 million Jupiter MX King 150 Doxou Version IDR 24.1 million Jupiter MX King 150 MotoGP Edition IDR 24.3 million

Seeing these prices, people are slowly starting to leave the moped. The price is really quite a bit different compared to the current 150 cc scooter.

Only some people still want to buy a moped with a clutch. Usually those who buy are manual motorbike enthusiasts with a clutch.

Although for some people it is considered impractical, but for those who like this type of motorbike it is still quite an idol. Because the performance is more fierce than the automatic motor.

Especially the bottom and middle engine speed is very reliable. To get stuck in traffic jams, the clutch motorbike is a bit tiring.

Especially in a traffic jam city like Jakarta. It feels better if you use an automatic motorbike that only has gas and brakes left without having to think about pulling the clutch lever.

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