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Examples of Beautiful Vehicle Number Plates in Indonesia (My Car Photo)

Jakarta – Number plates on motorized vehicles are official identities issued by the Indonesian National Police (Polri). We can actually request its status as an identity according to our wishes. The police do allow the general public to make beautiful license plates, but of course there are different requirements.

The use of beautiful number plates on cars or motorbikes is not new. This number plate or Motorized Vehicle Number (TNBK) normally consists of four numbers. The front and back letters are the area code for the domicile or origin of the vehicle. For example, plate number B 6049 BAD, code B in front indicates the origin of the vehicle from the Greater Jakarta administrative area, while the three letters on the back indicate the domicile area of ​​the vehicle registered in West Jakarta.

Those of you who have above average economic ability and want your vehicle to look different, can you put a pretty number plate on it? In fact, now installing such number plates has been legalized by the government. So, we don’t have to play cat and mouse anymore with the traffic police because they use beautiful but fake license plates.

The government has officially imposed tariffs on the use of beautiful number plates for civilians since January 6 2017. This is stated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 60 of 2016 concerning Types and Tariffs of Non-Tax State Revenue Applicable to the National Police.

Those of you who want to order a combination of the last letter and numbers as you wish can order it from SAMSAT. We can come directly to Samsat or online through ROPILNAS (National Choice NRKB Online Registration). To make a preferred NRKB, first prepare the required documents as a condition, including:

Book of Motorized Vehicle Owners (BPKB) Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) Proof of purchasing a vehicle from a dealer

Requirements for Making Beautiful Number Plates at SAMSAT

Beautiful license plates can be ordered officially (Photo Dafunda)

Before you choose an NRKB (Motorized Vehicle Registration Number), of course, you must register first by bringing the document above. Come directly to the Samsat or Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Directorate Building and express your desire to make a beautiful number.

You must fill out a form as a request for a replacement number plate, including the desired number of options. Submit the form to the officer, then a file check will be carried out and the availability of the beautiful number plate requested by the applicant.

The clerk will notify you if the beautiful number ordered is still available or has been used by someone else. if it is not available, you may replace it with another number as you wish. After that, you are asked to go to the counter to pay the cost of making beautiful license plates.

Registration via SAMSAT Online

Those of you who want to use the number plate of your choice can also register online. The trick is to come to the BPKB service office (for old cars) then use the ROPILNAS tools or kiosks available at that location. You will be asked to choose the desired police number according to the domicile of your KTP.

If the preferred number is still available, the applicant can directly fill out the e-form (electronic form) on the ROPILNAS tool as in the usual form described above. Fill in your personal data, such as NIK, cellphone number, and email address, then you will get a barcode booking police number and virtual account number for payment through the designated bank.

For the time being, the ROPILNAS service is currently only running in 5 regional police, namely the Central Java, North Sumatra, Lampung, Riau and Banten regional police. But don’t worry, because this program applies nationally so that the National Police will expand it to 29 other Polda throughout Indonesia.

The procedure for ordering a preferred number plate is the same as for transferring a name

Registration will then be processed manually and electronically by SAMSAT, starting from writing the register book, inputting motor vehicle data and printing beautiful license plate certificates, then duplicating documents for archiving. When it’s finished, the file along with the beautiful order number will just be taken by the applicant.

The steps for ordering beautiful license plates are like reversing the name of a motorized vehicle, because we will get a new BPKB and STNK according to the number plate we ordered. The duration of taking care of the administration can be up to two months.

For information, there are several letters that you cannot choose because they are the official identity of state agencies. Certain letter combinations are prohibited from being used, such as RFS, RFP, RFD, RFL, RFU, and RFH.

Legal Basis for Making Choice Number Plates

Example of an order number plate (Twitter Photo)

Based on PP No. 5 of 2012 concerning Registration and Identification of Motorized Vehicles Article 36 Paragraphs 8 to 11, it regulates the matter of procedures for making the number of options for vehicles, namely:

Paragraph 8; Optional NRKB is given upon request and is subject to non-tax state revenue (PNBP) fees, provided that:

The selected letter consists of 1 or a maximum of 7 letters in the form of a person’s name according to the identity card. The number series in the registration number consists of 1 to 3 digits which are placed after the letter of choice. The combination of the selected letters with the number series in the registration number is placed after the area code.

paragraph 9; Optional NRKB is used once for one motorized vehicle and is valid for a maximum of 5 years.

Verse 10; Vehicle owners with the preferred NRKB are required to apply for an extension and a fee for non-tax state revenue (PNBP) every 5 years. If the selected NRKB is not extended, then the regular NRKB number will be replaced and no PNBP fee for the selected number will be collected.

Verse 11; Optional NRKB that is no longer used because the vehicle was sold or the name is transferred outside the area can be used for other vehicles by paying PNBP fees.

Based on PP No. 5 of 2012, we can conclude that the choice number is temporary and only valid for five years. For the next five years, we are given the option to extend our preferred number or return to using the regular NRKB number and it is free of charge.

The Cost of Making Beautiful Number Plates at SAMSAT, How Expensive?

Well, this information is sure to make you curious and waiting. For the NRKB this option has its own tariff, starting from using one number or continuing to use the four numbers that we choose for ourselves. The tariff is clearly expensive, up to millions of rupiah, because the tariff setting is aimed at people with high economic ability.

The NRKB (Motor Vehicle Registration Number) option has the same validity period as the STNK, which is only 5 years. Unfortunately, after the validity period of the STNK expires, you also have to pay for a beautiful number plate again if you still want to use it. You have to pay the initial rate again, or you could say re-buy your own vehicle registration number.

The rates for issuance of the selected NRKB and BPKB clearly do not include motor vehicle tax. NRKB payments for this option are made once for five years of usage.

Based on PP No. 60 of 2016, the following are the official selected NRKB rates:

NRKB of choice for one number

There is no letter behind the Rp. 20,000,000 number There is a letter behind the Rp. 15,000,000 number

Optional NRKB for two numbers

There is no letter behind the Rp. 15,000,000 number. There is a letter behind the Rp. 10,000,000 number

NRKB of choice for three numbers

There is no letter behind the Rp. 10,000,000 number There is a letter behind the Rp. 7,500,000 number

NRKB options for four numbers

There is no letter behind the Rp. 7,500,000 number. There is a letter behind the Rp. 5,000,000 number

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