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The convenience factor is something that can be felt immediately in the Wuling Alvez test drive activity held by Wuling Motors, Wednesday (24/3/2023) in Solo, Central Java.

The unit used is the Alvex EX, which means the highest variant of this compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) at this low price.

Try the Comfort of Driving a Cheap SUV Wuling Alvez

(Photo: Carmudi/Mada Prastya)

As soon as they enter the cabin, consumers are immediately greeted by an interior wrapped in synthetic leather.

There are some parts covered with soft panels to add a premium effect and a homey feel.

Based on observations, the driver’s seat position is relatively low.

This is good news for those who like a sporty driving position.

However, it is not without drawbacks, one of which is the steering wheel feels uncomfortable to hold.

Alvez uses a three-spoke steering wheel whose design is not ergonomic, especially for the right and left spokes.

It doesn’t feel right to hold if the hand is at the 3 and 9 o’clock position.

Still related to the driving position, it’s a shame that the steering wheel setting is limited to tilting, without telescopic.

Even though the presence of Alvez is quite phenomenal, armed with low prices and advanced technology such as active safety features, apparently it lacks these basic things.

The atmosphere of the Wuling Alvez Cabin

(Photo: Carmudi/Mada Prastya)

One more thing that disturbs comfort when driving a Wuling Alvez is poor visibility to the rear due to the small size of the stern glass.

The plus point is that the Alvez steering wheel is relatively light, which is usually preferred by novice riders.

Alvez Second Row Bench Comfort

Alvez offers good leg and head room for passengers in the second row.

The thing that should be appreciated is the design of the headlining or ceiling that is made slightly concave upwards.

That way passengers in the back seat can still get good headroom even though this car has a sunroof.

Rear seat passengers get the facility of 1 unit USB power outlet and an AC grille whose temperature settings follow from the front.

Unfortunately, there is only one rear AC grille, so you have to choose whether to direct it to the right or left passengers.

Wuling Alvez Second Bench

(Photo: Carmudi/Mada Prastya)

The rest, the Alvez back bench has a recline setting via a rope.

Then there are only 2 adjustable headrests which makes this car ideally only for 4 people if you want to be comfortable.

Author: Mada Prastya
Editor: Dimas

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