China Will Export 4 Million Cars This Year, Skip Japan! –

China — China managed to record a new history by exporting the world’s largest car for the first time in the first quarter of 2023.

Even the achievement of car exports from China passed Germany and Japan.

Chinese vehicle exports

Reporting from the Car News China page, car exports from the Bamboo Curtain country in Q1 reached 1.069 million car units.

Meanwhile, Japan exported 1.047 million cars in Q1 2023.

The surge in export activity was overseen by SAIC, Chery, Geely, Great Wall Motors, Changan and BYD.

Even now SAIC is the company that makes the largest exports through the MG brand which is sent to various countries.

The brand’s contribution has become one of the most influential in China.

In fact, for every 3 cars exported, 1 model is made by SAIC.

Meanwhile BYD occupies the 9th position as the company that exports the most with a total of 58,000 units in Q1.

Seeing these achievements, China has now become one of the countries that is highly reckoned with.

Based on the same source, data from Chinese Customs noted that their domestic cars were exported to Russia, the United States, Mexico, Britain, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea.

Apart from that, there are also car export destination countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The export record that occurred in Q1 this year made China succeed in making a new history.

Chinese vehicle exports

Cars manufactured in China (Photo: Reuters)

Because in 2010-2020, China’s car exports were always around 1 million units.

Then in 2021, its exports jumped to more than 2 million units, which even surpassed South Korea’s exports, which are in the third position as the world’s largest car exporter after Japan and Germany.

This high export achievement has actually been detected since last year.

In 2022, China managed to pass Germany as the second largest car exporter in the world after Japan with 3.11 million units.

This year, the China Passenger Car Association estimates that car exports will reach 4 million units by year’s end.

If this is actually achieved, China will later become the largest exporting country past Japan.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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