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MG Motor Indonesia gave us the opportunity to find out the specifications and taste their latest electric car MG 4 EV which was introduced at IIMS 2023.

The specifications for the MG 4 EV electric car can be said to be quite capable. The reason is, in one full charge this electric car has a cruising range of up to 350 km WLTP standard and 425 km NEDC.

MG 4 EV itself first launched in the world in June 2022 as MG Mulan in China.

It will be the first car to be based on SAIC’s scalable battery electric modular platform.

MG claims that the 4 EV has a weight distribution of 50:50 with a center of gravity at 490 mm.

That is, on paper this car has very good handling.

specs mg 4 ev

But unfortunately, even though it has been officially sold, MG Motor Indonesia does not want to announce the price for the MG 4 EV, at least until this article is written.

So, consumers still have to guess at what price is being offered to them.

MG 4 EV Specifications

So, what are the specifications for the MG 4 EV and what were our driving impressions when we went to Bandung, West Java?

The following is the data and explanation.


The electric car that fills the crossover segment comes with a length of 4,287 mm, width of 1,836 mm, height of 1,516 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,705 mm.

MG 4EV dimensions

Length 4,287 mm Width 1,836 mm Height 1,516 mm Wheelbase 2,705 mm Ground clearance 177 mm

specs mg 4 ev

Meanwhile, the ground clearance of this car reaches 117 mm.

If you look at this data, the MG 4 EV is considered to have a compact size and looks easy to drive.

MG 4 EV Electric Motor Specifications

What about the performance of the electric motor it has?

MG provides 4 EV via an electric motor of the permanent magnet synchronous motor type.

The motor is combined with a lithium ion phosphate type battery which has a capacity of 51 kWh.

According to the claims released, the mileage of this car is quite far.

specs mg 4 ev

The release using the WLTP method is claimed to be able to cover a distance of 350 km, while the NEDC release can cover a distance of 425 km on a single charge.

MG 4 EV Motor and Battery

Motor type permanent magnet synchronous motor Battery type lithium ion phosphate Battery capacity 51 kWh Maximum power 123 hp Maximum torque 250 Nm Maximum range 350 km WLTP, 425 km NEDC Rear Wheel Drive

In addition to the specifications above, the MG 4 EV also has vehicle to load or V2L capabilities.

Thus, this electric car can be a generator that runs anywhere.

Owners only need to use the available battery capacity via the V2L socket that has been provided on the left side of the car.

Specifications Suspension and legs MG 4 EV

In order to provide comfort, MG instilled a McPherson Strut type front suspension and free 5 links at the rear.

Suspension and Legs

Front suspension McPherson Strut Rear suspension Free 5 links Front brake Ventilated disc Rear brake Disc Rim size 17 inches Tire size 215/50

Meanwhile in the braking section there are disc brakes with ventilation at the front and disc brakes at the rear.

Embedding discs is of course to provide good safety when driving.

The rims used are 17 inches in size with the use of wheel covers or aero wheel covers on the face of the rims to provide circulation to the brakes when the car is moving.

Specifications Features MG 4 EV

What about the MG 4 EV feature?

You could say this car has quite a lot of contemporary features. However, it must be admitted that this car has more safety features than entertainment.

This can be seen from the 5 star rating that MG 4 EV has won from Euro NCAP.

The following is feature data from MG 4 EV along with explanations.

Specification Feature Description LED headlamp with DRL LED headlamp with daytime running light LED taillight LED taillight LED 3rd brake light LED third brake light Auto headlight control Automatic headlight control Auto-folding mirror Auto-folding mirror with turn signal Rear window defogger Rear window warmer Rear spoiler Car rear spoiler 7 inch digital intelligent display screen 7 inch smart digital display screen Dimming rear view mirror Automatically adjustable rearview mirror Automatic air conditioning Automatic temperature regulation PM 2.5 air filtration system Filtration system air PM 2.5 Wireless charger Wireless charging Power supply system vehicle to load (V2L) Car power supply system to other devices (V2L) Full space frame safety wheel structure Safe and firm car wheel structure Electronic parking brake Electronic parking brake Auto vehicle hold Car stay stationary without depressing the brake pedal ABS brakes with EBD Braking system with ABS and EBD Electronic brake assist Electronic braking assistance Stability control system Stability control system Curve brake control Control braking while cornering Traction control system Traction control system Hill start assist Assist while advancing car on an incline Intelligent high beam control Automatic control of using high beam Emergency stop signal Emergency stop signal Emergency signal during sudden braking Follow me home light Headlights that stay on for some time after the car is turned off Tire pressure monitor system Tire pressure monitoring system Drive monitor system Driver monitoring system Front collision warning with AEB brake assist Warning in the event of a potential forward collision with emergency braking assistance (AEB) Adaptive cruise control Adaptive speed control Traffic jam assist Assistance when stuck in traffic Lane keeping assist Assistance to keep car on track Emergency lane keeping assist Assistance with maintaining car stays in the emergency lane in the event of an accident Lane departure warning Warning when leaving the lane LCA, blind spot monitoring Blind spot monitoring system or areas not visible from the driver’s position (LCA) Rear cross traffic alert Warning when the car is about to collide with another vehicle

MG 4 EV Driving Review

Performance and Handling

We got the opportunity to sample the MG 4 EV electric car through a test drive session provided by MG Motor Indonesia on Wednesday (29/3/2023).

The test drive session starts from Mampang, South Jakarta to Bandung via the Pancoran Toll Road.

But unfortunately, we just got the chance to taste this MG 4 EV car when we entered the KM72 rest area.

Oh yes, there are 2 4 EV units provided, namely Ignite as the lowest type.

From Jakarta to KM72 we used the latest generation ZS and the MG 5 GT sedan.

So, what’s the impression?

specs mg 4 ev

From KM72 to the Intercontinental Hotel in the Dago Pakar area which was the last destination, we always use sport mode.

This mode was deliberately chosen because you want to know the performance produced and what the handling of this car is like.

To get spontaneous acceleration, in our opinion, the MG 4 EV has a smoother character than the ZS EV during the Jakarta-Surabaya, East Java test drive, which we have tried.

To be invited to turn, MG 4 EV is fairly easy to tame.

The steering wheel seems to have good communication with the wheels in front.

Unfortunately during the trip we did not have time to replace the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) system in the car.

This system is a regenerative braking in the car. MG gives indicators 1 to 3.

The higher the KERS number, the higher the regenerative rate that occurs. So that when the gas is released while driving fast, the car will feel ‘greasy’, which means regenerative braking is taking place.

So for smooth driving, we can’t release the gas spontaneously, but slowly.

Comfortable Suspension!

Unexpectedly, it turns out that we really like the character of the suspension on this car. The suspension feels soft dampen the character of the road in front of us.

The softness of the suspension is also reinforced by the sitting position of the fabric seats that feel comfortable.

All the way from KM72 to Dago Pakar we felt that this car was really comfortable to drive.

Suspension character, handling, and performance are able to produce smiles on our faces. When compared to the ZS EV, the 4 EV’s suspension is much more comfortable from various sectors.


This electric car, which does not have a clear price, is one of the cars that has quite good driving capabilities.

It’s a shame we couldn’t do a lot of exploration because of the lack of time allotted for the test session.

However, at least we have got an idea of ​​the driving impressions of this MG 4 EV.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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