Jokowi Asked to Make Asset Confiscation Perppu

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Member of Commission III of the DPR from the Democratic Party faction Benny Kabur Harman said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was said to be able to issue a Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) if he considered the Asset Confiscation Bill (RUU) important.

“About the Asset Confiscation Law? If indeed President Jokowi views the Asset Confiscation Law as an important solution to addressing the problem of corruption, President Jokowi can issue a Perppu,” said Benny on his personal Twitter account, Sunday (2/4). has asked permission to quote the tweet.

Not only that, Benny even teased about the Job Creation Perpu that was recently issued by Jokowi.



“What is not important is that the Perppu on Job Creation has just been issued, let alone the Perppu related to confiscation of assets,”

Furthermore, Benny asked the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD to tell Jokowi to immediately issue the Perppu for Confiscation of Assets.

Bambang Pacul mentioned

The Asset Confiscation Bill is again widely discussed after being mentioned by the Chairman of Commission III of the DPR, Bambang Wuryanto alias Bambang Pacul, in a meeting at Commission III of the DPR, Jakarta, Wednesday (29/3) evening.

At that time, Pacul responded to Mahfud MD’s insistence that the DPR immediately discuss and pass the Asset Confiscation Bill. This pressure arose following a polemic over alleged strange transactions of IDR 349 ​​trillion at the Ministry of Finance.

Nevertheless, Pacul explained that the Asset Confiscation Bill could be successful if the party chairmen agreed. He said, all members of the DPR obey their respective ‘bosses’. Because of that, he suggested that the government should lobby the general chairman of the party.

“The problem with the republic here is easy. Don’t lobby here, sir. This is all according to their respective bosses,” explained Pacul.

Pacul then gave an example of himself not daring to pass the Asset Confiscation Bill if there were other instructions from “mother”. It is not clear who “mother” he means.

Furthermore, Pacul admitted that he had asked the president for advice on two bills, namely the Asset Confiscation Bill and the Bill on Restrictions on Currency Transactions.

He is sure that the Bill on Currency Restrictions will be rejected by the DPR. According to Pacul, of the two bills, the Asset Confiscation Bill is most likely to be passed. However, Pacul reiterated that the government must first talk to the general chairmen of the party.

The Bill on Confiscation of Assets Related to Crime is included in the list of 39 bills and revisions to laws (RUU) to be included in the 2023 priority national legislation program (Prolegnas). This was passed through the 13th DPR Plenary Meeting for the second session of 2022-2023.

Previously, Jokowi said that he would propose drafting an asset confiscation bill to eradicate attempts at corruption.

“I urge that the bill on confiscation of assets in criminal acts be promulgated immediately, and the discussion on the bill limiting currency transactions begin immediately,” Jokowi said while giving a statement at the Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (7/2).

On the other hand, Member of Commission III DPR RI Didik Mukrianto admitted that his party was still waiting for the readiness of the Jokowi government to send a Presidential Letter (Surpres) regarding the Asset Confiscation Bill.

“We at the DPR are waiting for the government’s readiness. We know that this bill is urgently needed. We will definitely discuss it as soon as the Presidential Decree and the Appointment of Government Representatives are accepted by the DPR,” said Didik Mukrianto when contacted, Thursday (9/3).

He said that his party admitted that they were only waiting for the finalization to be determined through the Surpres. The DPR will hold discussions on related bills after passing that stage.


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