Effect of MU Appearing Bad, Brighton Approaching the Champions League Zone

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The poor performance shown by Manchester United has made the teams under it even closer to the Champions League zone. Brighton&Hove Albion is one such team.

Brighton only won a 3-3 draw against Brentford this week. But Brighton, who is in sixth place, is now only seven points away from Manchester United. Apart from that, Brighton still has one game more remaining so they have the opportunity to reduce the point difference to four.

Referring to the existing trends, Brighton has performed better than MU. Brighton is unbeaten in four matches in March through details of two wins and two draws. Meanwhile, MU drew one and lost two in three matches in March.



Besides Brighton, another serious challenger to Manchester United is Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham is in fifth position with a value of 49 points, one point away from Manchester United.

If Tottenham are able to beat Everton on Tuesday (4/4) in the morning WIB, Tottenham will officially displace Manchester United. However, this point advantage is still accompanied by a note that Tottenham have played two more games than MU after the match against Everton.

Outside of Tottenham and Brighton, Brentford and Liverpool also still have the chance to displace Manchester United from the Champions League zone. Brentford has 43 points while Liverpool have 42 points.

Brentford is one of the teams that has stolen the attention because they have only lost one of their last 16 matches in the Premier League. Meanwhile, Liverpool are also still having problems with the consistency of their game.

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