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Jakarta – The National Police have started preparing a oneway system for the 2023 Eid homecoming season, the peak of which is predicted to occur on April 19-21.


The National Police will implement a oneway system when going home for Eid 2023. (Photo: Illustration)

“We will implement a oneway system on April 18, 2023 starting from KM 72 to KM 414 because usually the peak of homecoming flows occurs on D-1 and D-2,” said Inspector General Sandi Nugroho, Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police, as reported by Carmudi from the NTMC Polri website.

Apart from that, continued Sandi, his party has prepared a oneway system to anticipate backflow congestion.

The peak of the return flow itself is predicted to occur on April 24-25 and April 29-May 1 2023.

“We will also apply a oneway system from KM 414 to KM 72 when the traffic is back,” Sandi said.

The police have determined several crucial points that have the potential to cause problems during the 2023 Eid homecoming, such as the Cipali Toll Road for the Trans Java toll road.

On the Sumatra route itself, several congestion points generally occur in Indralaya-Palembang.

“Last year, Eid transportation was busy at Merak Port,” said Sandi.

There are several crucial points that have the potential to cause problems during the 2023 Eid homecoming. (Photo: Illustration)

Apart from the Java and Sumatra toll roads, the arterial route in Java is also a crucial point that is of concern to the Police.

According to Sandi, the main routes that are usually passed by two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles have the potential to cause congestion where there is a possibility of disturbance from kamtibmas (public security and order) up to an accident.

Not only that, tourist sites during Eid can see a surge in visitors.

“We will do several ways to deal with this such as a oneway, contraflow, and odd-even system,” explained Sandi.

Sandi also said that the National Police would deploy 148 thousand personnel for the 2023 Eid Al-Fitr Ketupat Operation (1,240 Polri Headquarters, 91,153 Regional Police personnel, and 55,818 related agencies).

Author: Nadya Andari
Editor: Dimas

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