Principal in Florida Scammed by Fake Elon Musk, Almost Sends IDR 1.5 Billion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A school principal in Florida, United States has resigned from his post after sending a check for US$100,000 or around Rp.1.5 billion to the fake figure of Elon Musk.

He is Jan McGee, principal of Burns Science and Technology Charter School, Florida.

“I put myself in this position and into this mess. I made a bad decision,” McGee said, launching Business Insider.



“I am a very intelligent, highly educated woman. But, I even fell in love with fraud,” he added.

Florida local media WESH reported that McGee had previously spoken to the self-styled Elon Musk figure for four months. However, it was not clear what was the topic of conversation between the two.

The conversation culminated in McGee’s action to write a check for US$100 thousand which he would send to a figure he believed to be Elon Musk’s right-hand man.

The US$100 thousand dollars was taken from the school’s bank account.

Luckily, the school’s business team moved quickly. They quickly stopped sending checks before they were cleared.

McGee has apologized for his mistake. However, the school considers that he contributed to creating a toxic work environment. The school also demanded McGee to resign.

“I love this school more than anything. If it means orders, then I will resign,” said McGee.


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