MotoGP predictions for Argentina 2023

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The front row starting positions at the 2023 Argentina MotoGP are occupied by three Ducati racers, but in the sprint race Brad Binder can reduce the speed of racers with Italian engines. The following is the 2023 Argentina MotoGP prediction.

The Ducati is by far the most reliable machine. The qualifying results for the Portuguese MotoGP race last week, as well as the results of the qualifying and sprint race for the Argentina MotoGP this morning, are evidence for Ducati.

In the history of the Argentine MotoGP, there has never been a racer with a Ducati motorcycle who could become a champion.



Even last year, when Ducati had begun to stabilize as a fast motorbike, the Argentinian MotoGP champion was won by Aleix Espargaro on an Aprilia motorbike.

The results of the sprint race which took place on Sunday (2/4) early morning Indonesian time again showed the failure of Ducati to finish in front.

In real races, Ducati racers can really put out their best performance and make history in the Land of Tango.

The following is the prediction for the Argentina MotoGP 2023 version of the sports editor:

Longer Bagnaia Wins (Haryanto Tri Wibowo)

Failure to maintain a lead position in the Sprint Race will not happen again to Francesco Bagnaia in tonight’s race. However, Bagnaia must not repeat his mistakes at the start like in the Sprint Race.

Bagnaia is calmer in long duration races. But Pecco has to be wary of Marco Bezzecchi and Alex Marquez, two of the fast-paced Ducati satellite racers.

Bagnaia, I predict, will win the 2023 Argentina MotoGP by beating Bezzecchi and Maverick Vinales.

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Bagnaia Chance, Kans Ducati


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