Message Hotman Paris to Raffi Ahmad about Artist R: Observe, Analyze, Attack

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Hotman Paris Hutapea’s lawyer said he had spoken with Raffi Ahmad regarding the news that the artist with the initial R was involved in the money laundering case, former employee of the Directorate General of Taxes, Rafael Alun Trisambodo. Raffi Ahmad is said to be the artist R in question.

Hotman gave advice to Raffi in dealing with slander directed at him. He advised Raffi to use the 3A strategy, namely observing, analyzing, and attacking or attacking.

“I have discussed it many times with Raffi Ahmad, my best friend. My advice to him, use the Hotman Paris style, 3A. Observe, collect evidence. Analyze, only the third attack, attack legally,” he said in the uploaded video. on the Instagram account @hotmanparisofficial, Saturday (1/3).



“The 3A is what I apply in the face of all the slander against me,” he continued.


Hotman added that there was no reason for him and Raffi Ahmad to be afraid of those who attacked them. According to Hotman, he and Raffi have legal and financial capabilities so they don’t need to be afraid of anyone, unless they are the ones who make mistakes.

“We have no reason to be afraid of anyone, but we have to use our brains,” said Hotman.

In another upload, Hotman claimed to have called Raffi regarding his alleged involvement in the Rafael Alun case. Hotman said Raffi did not know Rafael at all.

“I just called Raffi Ahmad. He doesn’t know Rafael and has no business relationship at all,” said Hotman. has asked permission to quote the upload.

Previously, Indonesia Audit Watch (IAW) alluded to the involvement of an artist with the initials R in the Rafael Alun Trisambodo case. However, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has yet to receive the report.

“So far, after we have checked the mail department, there has been no receipt of the said report,” said Head of KPK Reporting Section, Ali Fikri, in a written statement, Friday (31/3).

Meanwhile, the KPK has upgraded the status of Rafael’s case from investigation to investigation.

The KPK has officially named the former Head of the General Section of the Directorate General of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance of the South Jakarta II Regional Office as a suspect in the alleged corruption case.

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