Gregoria Surprised to Win 2 Games over Sindhu at the Spain Masters

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Indonesian badminton women’s singles athlete Gregoria Mariska Tunjung admitted that she did not expect to beat second seed Pusarla V. Sindhu from India in two straight games in the 2023 Spain Masters final.

Gregoria won the 2023 Spain Masters after defeating Pusarla V. Sindhu in the 2023 Spain Masters final.

In the match that was held at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Gallur, Sunday (2/4), Gregoria managed to beat Pusarla Sindhu in two straight games with a landslide score of 21-8, 21-8.



Gregoria also admitted that she was happy to become the 2023 Spain Masters women’s singles champion.

“It feels great to be able to stand on the highest podium. This is a long wait after the last one in 2018 (Finnish IC). It took a very long time to come back here so I’m really grateful,” said Gregoria.

Gregoria was also surprised to beat Sindhu in two straight games in the 2023 Spain Masters final.

“Sindhu just returned from injury and we all know that this was not her best performance. Earlier, I was just trying to get my game out. I didn’t expect the fight to be like that,” said Gregoria.

“I myself am honestly surprised by the fairly consistent results on this European tour,” said the 23-year-old badminton player.

The athlete from Wonogiri, Central Java, said the key to defeating Sindhu was to appear calm.

“Maybe the key is to be more in control of the mood and just calm down. Pray a lot. It takes great effort indeed from match to match,” said Gregoria.

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