Argentina Moto2 Race: Arbolino Flies to the Top of the Standings

The 22-year-old racer flew to Austin, Texas, with 41 points or eight points ahead of the previous standings leader, Canet.

Rain is still a scourge, so race direction decides to have a wet race. The distance was set to 14 laps. The number of incidents in the previous Moto3 is also a consideration.

Ai Ogura decided not to take part in the race to avoid crashes and injuries as she is still recovering.

Aron Canet immediately pulled the gas so he led the middle class racer group. Just a short while at the front, he was knocked out by Jake Dixon. The Pons Wegow Los40 racer was penalized for a double long lap because of the jump start.

Pole sitter Alonso Lopez has stepped up and challenged Dixon for the top spot. After his successful maneuver on the third lap, he created a difference of 0.8 seconds.

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Moments later, Dixon lost P2 to Tony Arbolino. Darryn Binder showed off on the wet track and stepped on fourth. However, it is difficult for him to catch up with a racer who has just become a father because there is a gap of 2 seconds.

Canet jumped back into P4 but was too far behind Dixon. Both are 2.7 seconds apart. Meanwhile, the rain was getting heavier and there was a bit of fog in some places.

The fastest racers, Lopez, Arbolino and Dixon seemed to create their own war on the ninth lap. At the same time, replacement racer David Sanchis and debutant Rory Skinner could not continue the race.

Until the remaining four laps, the podium formation still belongs to them. It was difficult for Canet, who was in P4, to cut the difference, which reached 3.4 seconds. Meanwhile, Binder was behind him 5.7 minutes adrift.

On the third lap from back, Lopez’s error catapulted Arbolino from first. The straight track shows how fast Elf Marc VDS Racing Team’s motorbike is.

On the last lap, the fastest racers tried to play it safe. Arbolino spurred his motorbike so that Lopez and Dixon couldn’t reach it at the finish line.

At the end of the race, the Italian rider hugged the British racer. Alonso Lopez received a replica of the World Cup trophy won by the Argentina national team in Qatar and took it for a spin on his motorbike.

Somkiat Chantra went down one grid because he crossed the track limit in the closing lap.

Argentina Moto2 Race results

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