7 Foods Suitable for Sahur, ‘Antilemas’ All Day

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In order to be strong in fasting all day, the sahur menu must be really right. Check out the food recommendations that are suitable for sahur, guaranteed anti-weat all day long.

Ramadan changes the diet of Muslims. There are only two dining opportunities, namely sahur and breaking fast.

Sahur feels more challenging because the intake is expected to be able to support the body’s needs for dozens of hours before breaking the fast.



Food suitable for breakfast

However, you don’t need to worry. Just insert some of the foods below so that activities during fasting stay smooth.

1. Counts

Eggs are full of protein, vitamins and minerals. Protein will help you feel full longer than carbohydrates.

Eggs can be processed into various dishes. In fact, eggs that are only fried or boiled are delicious to eat.

Not necessarily with rice, eggs can be eaten with other carbohydrate sources such as bread. Try toasting the bread and coating it with a sunny side up egg. Add avocado pieces for healthy fat intake.

2. Oatmeal

oatmeal illustrationIllustration. Oatmeal, one of the food recommendations for sahur. (Istockphoto/ 4nadia)

Oatmeal is often considered a diet food. In fact, oatmeal is also a food that is suitable for sahur.

As quoted from NDTV, oatmeal is a source of protein and carbohydrates. This one food can be processed into savory or sweet preparations. Processed sweet oatmeal is enough to add milk and pieces of fruit.

Meanwhile, savory oatmeal can be added eggs, nuts, and cheese.

3. Pudding

Who says dessert can only be eaten when breaking the fast? Even at dawn, you can still eat sweet foods, but provide something light, such as pudding.

Pudding will make your stomach full longer thanks to the fiber. Then the sugar in the pudding also gives you energy.

Check out other food recommendations for sahur on the next page.

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