4 Tips for Exercise During Ramadan Without Fear of Breaking the Fast

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Exercising while fasting may feel heavy. However, this healthy activity should not be missed, because it is very influential on body fitness.

While fasting, you may think about missing a month of exercise. The reason is, you are afraid of weakness, illness, and ending up unable to finish fasting.

In fact, according to a nutrition specialist at Pondok Indah Hospital, Jakarta Juwalita Surapsari, exercise can still be done during the fasting month of Ramadan.



“Don’t do it, (exercise) cannot be missed. You still have to exercise during Ramadan fasting,” said Juwalita in a press conference held by OMRON Healthcare online, Thursday (30/3).

He said, there are several ways that can be done during the month of Ramadan to keep fasting and exercise in line. These methods can be applied, even on the prime day of fasting.

Here are sports tips during fasting, so that you stay fit and don’t cancel it.

1. Consume the same food as when you are not fasting

Eating the same food and energy as before you fast is important. This is done to maintain sports performance during Ramadan.

You can do this by adopting a balanced Ramadan eating strategy. For example, eat sahur like a regular lunch with a menu that can meet daily needs.

“Try to eat when the time is nearing imsak,” said Juwalita.

You also have to eat dinner as usual when breaking the fast. Don’t forget to fill in the time to eat healthy snacks at night.

2. Sufficient mineral needs

Close-up of a woman's hand holding a cup of hot water, vintage tone.Illustration. Exercise can still be done during fasting as long as you meet your mineral needs. (iStockphoto/kenzaza)

When fasting, you will lose a lot of body fluids. Refill the liquid when breaking. Try to drink eight glasses of water every day.

3. Avoid caffeine

Avoid coffee and tea or other drinks that contain caffeine. Drinks that contain caffeine make you urinate more quickly. This can affect hydration levels during the day.

“Instead of caffeine, you can drink juice, low fat milk, or soy milk when breaking the fast and dawn,” he said.

4. Light exercise

Do light exercise. The principle is not to eliminate exercise during fasting, but to reduce the intensity to match the body’s ability.


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