3 Typical Aceh Culinary That Only Appears Every Ramadan

Banda Aceh, CNN Indonesia —

Aceh has three unique culinary delights that must be tried during the month of Ramadan. This food will be difficult to find if it’s a normal day, even the food ingredients are getting scarce.

The three foods are Sambai Oen Peugaga, Ie Bu Peudah and Kanji Rumbi. Besides being barely sold in the market on normal days, people who are skilled at processing it are also rare to find.

It’s no wonder that this food is always hunted by Acehnese during Ramadan. The following is a review of three Aceh culinary delights that only exist during the month of Ramadan.

1. Sambai Oen Peugaga

Sambai Oen Peugaga, this food ingredient consists of a mixture of 44 leaves that grow alive in the Aceh Forest. It is believed that this food is a favorite of indatu (ancestors) who have been there during the time of the Acehnese kingdom.

Sambai Oen Peugaga itself means gotu kola leaf chili sauce. Even though it is called chili sauce, this is not chili sauce as it is known so far, on the contrary, it is similar to vegetable ointment.

This unique traditional food menu is eaten with a sprinkling of grated coconut. Its distinctive taste makes it a popular menu for breaking the fast.

Each type of leaf used in preparing Sambai Oen Peugaga has its own properties. The types of leaves are kaffir lime leaves, noni leaves, gotu kola leaves, sigeuntot leaves, lawah leaves and dozens of other types of leaves. Originally, this food was made by mixing 44 different types of leaves.



But now it’s not easy to get the 44 types of leaves.

“Now it’s difficult to find the ingredients. Because there are some leaves that are no longer there,” said Nurmani, a Sambai Oen Peugaga trader at Peunayong Market, Banda Aceh, Tuesday (28/3).

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