School Specialist Thief Ringkus Police in Makassar, Action 8 Times

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Police paralyzed one perpetrator who specializes in breaking into schools, Ilham (24) in Makassar, South Sulawesi. The perpetrator is also known to have acted at a school owned by the family of former Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

“Yes, this perpetrator is a specialist in breaking into schools. According to his confession, there were 8 crime scenes, such as at SMK 8, Athirah School, Catholic High School and a pharmacy,” said Head of Sub Directorate of Jatanras Polrestabes Makassar, Ipda Nasrullah, Saturday (1/4).



Nasrallah said that the actors in the action were not alone. However, along with three of his colleagues who are still in pursuit.

“The perpetrator was arrested at his house and we are still pursuing several of his colleagues who broke into schools in Makassar,” he said.

Based on the perpetrator’s confession, Nasrullah explained that he acted by breaking the padlock of the school’s gate, then took some cash and raided the CCTV video data storage.

“He admitted to taking IDR 7 million in cash and two CCTV DVR units,” he said.

At present, said Nasrullah, his party is still pursuing three other perpetrators, while one perpetrator who was secured has been handed over to the Makassar Polrestabes.


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