Practice 3 Moto3 Argentina: Fastest Fenati

The rain that fell before the session started still left its mark. Scott Ogden skated first to check track conditions.

Some racers ride slowly to adapt to the wet track. After 10 minutes, substitute racer Lorenzo Fellon, Andrea Migno recorded the best time, 1:57.604.

About one minute later, Filippo Farioli took the top with a 0.2 second advantage. Meanwhile, Honda Team Asia racer, Mario Suryo AJi reached P8.

The longer, the racers can increase the speed. Scott Ogden scored the best lap in 1:57.337. In the middle of the session, Mario Aji improved his position so that he rose to fourth place.

Entering the remaining 13 minutes, Ogden was still entrenched at the top after cutting his time to 0.2 seconds and breaking 1:56.832 seconds. David Salvador, Ivan Ortola, Farioli and Migno follow in the top five.

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Ogden lost ground after eight minutes remaining. Deniz Oncu posted the fastest time of 1:55.771 and improved by over a second the next two minutes.

Farioli was ranked second, followed by Ogden, Migno and Malaysia’s representative, Syarifuddin Azman. Unfortunately, Mario Aji couldn’t increase his speed so he slipped to P13.

Romano Fenati rocketed to second with three minutes left of practice. Salvador and Ogden took turns filling out P3.

The last seconds were used by the racers to maximize the motorbike before moving on to qualifying. Fenati took first place with 1:53,875. After the checkered flag was hoisted, two racers, Toba and Moreira, competed for P2.

In the end, it was the Japanese racer who was crowned runner-up. Oncu found the limit of the motor and reached P3. Mario Aji, who should have been good on wet tracks, ended the race at P17.

Argentina Moto3 Practice 3 results

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