Practice 3 Moto2 Argentina: Unrivaled Alonso Lopez

Conditions have not changed since the Moto3 event. The track is getting dry with some locations still wet. The thick gray clouds were still visible.

Most of the racers stayed in the box for the first seven minutes. This makes the track relatively quiet because only eight racers rotate.

Alonso Lopez created a benchmark time of 1:51.809. Rory Skinner, Sergio Garcia, Soichiro Minamimoto and Celestino Vietti make up the top five.

Without much distraction, Lopez improved his time to 1:50.262 after nine minutes. Aron Canet placed fifth.

The Speed ​​Up Racing racer penetrated 1:48.084 when 11 minutes had passed. There was no change in the formation of the top five. Lopez’s advantage with the top five occupants reached five seconds.

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No one matched Lopez until half way. Slowly but surely, he increased his speed until his best time reached 1:46,897.

Ai Ogura, who has just recovered from injury at the Valencia MotoGP, waited longer to pave the way. He sat watching television.

While in the closing 10 minutes, there are additional racers who enliven the session on the track. Remaining seven minutes, Lopez recorded the fastest lap 1:45,179. Jordi Torres is fifth and Aldeguer jumps to P2.

Pedro Acosta started racing his motorbike in the final six minutes. However, it hasn’t looked fast until one minute remains.

Ogura exited in third practice with less than a minute left. He was targeting the usual start practice racers do at the end of the session.

When the checkered flag is hoisted. Lopez scored 1:44,940. Somkiat Chantra was 0.809 seconds apart, Torres 0.949, Canet 1.179 and Aldeguer 1.193.

The ending was not pleasant for Lopez because his motorbike had problems so he was transported by car. He also could not follow the starting practice.

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