Police Hunt Cilacap Robbers with Pistols to Lampung and Palembang

Semarang, CNN Indonesia —

The joint team from the Cilacap Police and the Central Java Regional Police’s Jatanras are hunting down the gun robbery perpetrators who took action from Cilacap to Lampung and Palembang.

The Director of General Criminal Investigation for the Central Java Regional Police, Kombes Johanson Ronald Simamora, told CNNIndonesia.com that they had changed the search location, which was originally still in the West Java area.



“There is information and the results of the investigation which state that there are suspected perpetrators in the direction of Lampung and Palembang. We will immediately move them there. Hopefully we will get satisfactory results,” said the Director of General Criminal Investigation of the Central Java Regional Police, Kombes Johanson Ronald Simamora, Saturday (1/4).

Johanson said the robbers in Cilacap numbered three people and carried firearms that were allegedly homemade. Johanson also strongly suspects that the perpetrators are “old players” and even recidivists.

“There were three perpetrators, all of them had guns. From the TKP and investigation, the guns were brought home. If we look at the video, their actions were very daring, so we suspect that ‘old players’ have often been like that or could be recidivists,” said Johanson.

The robbers raided a shop in Kaliwungu Village, Kedungreja, Cilacap on Monday (27/3). In the action, the perpetrator pointed a firearm and shot two residents around the shop.

They stole money worth IDR 100 million. They then tried to escape.

However, after only running for a few meters, the perpetrator on a motorbike returned to the shop while shooting to frighten residents. He finally went into the shop to bring the computer CCTV recording data, then ran away.


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