Pluim Praises PSM High as the Sky: Work, Work, and Work!

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Midfielder from the Netherlands Wiljan Pluim praised PSM Makassar’s extraordinary work ethic for winning the 2022/2023 League 1.

According to Pluim, PSM is a special team throughout their career. Team management is highly dedicated to giving the best to players and team officials.

“In my entire career I have never seen a dedicated team like this, no one complains, just work, work and work. Anyway, it’s extraordinary, we work extraordinary for the same goal,” said Pluim.



Pluim also explained clearly about his future with PSM next season.

“I have a contract. I will stay here and when my contract is finished at PSM, I will return to the Netherlands. So I will stay here,” said Pluim.

Meanwhile regarding the match, Pluim acknowledged that Madura was a tough opponent. Moreover, this match is very important for Madura United to lock in the League 1 title.

“It was one of the tough games for us, but the most decisive and we played like that and we agreed to play like that, until now giving results in every game,” he explained.

“Each player knows when they are positioned where they are, they know what to do. They do it with work ethic and ethics,” said Pluim.

In that match, Pluim managed to score two goals in the first half. These two goals gave the enthusiasm of the players to win so that PSM successfully ensured the League 1 title this season.

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