Guidelines for Taking Medication During Ramadan Fasting

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Does taking medicine 3 times a day have to be discounted during Ramadan? Apparently not. Check out the guidelines for taking medication during Ramadan fasting.

The opportunity to eat during Ramadan fasting is only at dawn and breaking the fast. Of course this is often confusing for those who are taking medication.

The Ministry of Health via the Health Radio Instagram account provides some guidelines for taking medication during Ramadan fasting as follows.



1. Drugs taken before meals

Medicines taken before eating, should be taken 30 minutes before eating sahur or having dinner or having a big meal.

2. Drugs taken after meals

The drug is taken when the stomach is filled with food. Give a break of about 5-10 minutes after eating, after that just take the medicine.

3. Medication prescribed 1 or 2 times a day

Medication prescribed once a day can be taken at dawn or iftar. Then the drug prescribed 2 times a day can be taken at dawn and iftar.

4. Medication prescribed 3 or 4 times a day

Medication prescribed 3 times a day means taking medicine every 8 hours. While drugs prescribed 4 times a day mean taken every 6 hours.

During fasting, of course this is not possible. Therefore, you can consult a doctor to replace the drug with other preparations that release the content slowly or have a long acting period.

If this is not possible, continue to take the drug at the same time during iftar, midnight and dawn.


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