Argentina Moto3 Qualification: Sasaki Takes Second Pole Position This Season

“I am happy. They wiped my laps on the first exit, then I returned to the pits. I don’t know what to do. But we stay calm, I know everyone is waiting for me in the pit lane. The team did a fantastic job getting me on the track as soon as possible, I went all out. I was surprised by my fastest lap. Hopefully tomorrow, we can continue today’s work,” said Sasaki.

Dani Holgado took first place early in Q2. However, he lost that position to Jaume Masia who was good at taking advantage of the slipstream from the opponent in front of him.

Oncu, who broke through to Q2 from Q1, managed to drive them out and took control of the top after scoring 1:49,142. Diogo Moreira and Ivan Ortola opened up opportunities for the front row.

Jose Antonio Rueda crashed at Turn 5. The Moto3 debutant tried to return to the fight. Sasaki, who dominated during practice, still has not risen from 15th place. He just came out of the garage again in three minutes remaining.

The Japanese racer seemed to wake up from suspended animation at the last seconds. He flew to top spot after scoring 1:48,549. Oncu and Moreira accompanied him in the front row.

Ortola, Jaume Masia and Tatsuki Suzuki will start behind them. Alonso, Scott Ogden and Andrea Migno were in the third row.

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Oncu Gemilang

Until the first four minutes of qualifying, no racer has been able to carve out a time. Mario Suryo Aji landed in third place, behind Riccardo Rossi and Ivan Ortola with 10 minutes remaining in the race.

The Honda Team Asia racer quickly dropped out of the top four and dropped to P7 after Deniz Oncu recorded the fastest time, followed by Syarifuddin Azman, David Salvador and Jose Antonio Rueda.

Only five minutes, the top four arrangement is almost the same. It’s just that Salvador was replaced by Ivan Ortola. Mario Aji is even further away from the zone which guarantees qualification to Q2.

Ortola took over P1 with 1:50.034. Oncu, Ryusei Yamanaka and Azman temporarily secured the top four.

When time runs out, the four drivers who have stepped into Q2 are known. Ortola, Oncu, Rueda and Yamanaka have to fight again. In the end, Mario Aji finished ninth.

Argentina Moto3 Qualifying Results

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