8 Countries Are Not Favorite Vacation Destinations, But Actually Beautiful

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Some places in the world may be a favorite of tourists to be used as a tourist destination. Countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, Korea or Italy are often chosen as holiday destinations.

These places are almost always included in the list of tourist destinations that you want to visit in the world. But, have you ever thought about visiting a number of places that are no less interesting, but in fact it is rarely included in the list of tourist destinations for travelers.

These countries may not be favorites for tourists to serve as holiday destinations. However, it’s actually a beautiful place to visit.



Now, it’s time for you to fasten your seat belt and see the wider world. Here are eight amazing countries that must be visited, but they are rarely the target of tourists.

1. Iran

You may never imagine going on vacation in Iran. Moreover, Iran is also often involved in various conflicts and external and internal problems of the country.

However, Iran turns out to save a myriad of beautiful natural exoticism. The people are friendly, and there are many beautiful mosques, bridges, and parks that you can enjoy while visiting Iran.

2. Bolivia

A stream of meltwater runs from the Charquini glacier, as scientists and climbers battle over the future of the controversial lure for tourists, outside of El Alto, Bolivia April 8, 2022. Picture taken April 8, 2022. REUTERS/Claudia MoralesGletser Charquini di Bolivia. (REUTERS/Claudia Morales)

Launching 1 Cover, Bolivia is often not considered because its neighbors are considered more attractive, such as Brazil, Peru, to Argentina. In fact, Bolivia has a myriad of places to travel that it’s a loss if you don’t explore it.

From its main city La Paz, nestled high on a mountainside in the Andes, to the vast expanses of the Uyuni salt lakes, Lake Titicaca, to swathes of the Amazon jungle in the lowlands. You can spend a long time in Bolivia and never get bored.

3. Albania

Flamingos fly over the Narta Lagoon, near the city of Vlora in the south of Albania on April 9, 2020. - With tourists home, boats docked and factories silenced under a coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, Albania's pink flamingos and curly pelicans are flourishing in the newfound tranquility of lagoons dotting the country's western coastline. (Photo by Gent SHKULLAKU / AFP)View of a flamingo flying over the Narta Lagoon, near the town of Vlora, Albania. (Gent Shkullaku/AFP)

Albania is not far from Serbia and other Eastern Europe. But in Albania everything looks different. This country is considered less developed, but that does not mean it is not attractive.

The beaches here are stunning, as good as those on the Med, and the capital, Tirana, is a real treat.

8 Countries Are Not Favorite Vacation Destinations, But Actually Beautiful


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