7 Most Disgusting Foods and Drinks in the World, There’s Cow Urine

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Food is synonymous with something delicious and of course attractive in terms of appearance. However, unfortunately not all food is as expected.

There are several types of food that are actually terrible, strange, even ‘disturbing’ people who see, smell, or taste them. The nastiest food in the world can make your forehead wrinkle.

These strange and ‘disturbing’ foods are scattered in various countries in the world. In fact, some of them are popular foods and are on the ‘must try’ list when you visit the country in question.



Here are some types of strange food in the world.

1. Gomutra from India

Gomutra is actually urine or cow urine which is used as medicine. Drinking gomutra is claimed to be very beneficial for health, especially for treating psoriasis, leprosy, fever, liver disease, and cancer.

Not only that, according to the Disgusting Food Museum page, urine from pregnant cows is said to be the most beneficial of all types of cows. That said, the taste was really ‘strong’.

When you drink it, the very hard urine stings the throat and leaves a bad aftertaste.

2. Ttongsul from South Korea

The next most disgusting food in the world is ttongsul, a traditional Korean medicine with an alcohol content of 9 percent. Ttongsul comes from the feces of human children aged between 4-7 years which are cooled for 3-4 days.

Then, these impurities are mixed with water, divided into small pieces, and fermented overnight.

After that, the mixture of dirt and water is poured through a sieve and mixed with 70 percent boiled rice, 30 percent glutinous rice and yeast. Non-glutinous rice contains a lot of protein, which is important for the fermentation process. Glutinous rice is also anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, and serves to enhance taste.

The fermentation process activates the good bacteria and kills the bad bacteria. The taste is slightly sour and similar to rice wine. This Korean wine has a faint smell of sewage and can leave a smell of sewage on your breath.

3. Virgin boiled eggs, China

cooking brown chicken eggs in boiling water on electric stove, closeup, elevated viewIllustration. Virgin urine poached eggs, one of the nastiest foods in the world. (iStockphoto/orinoco-art)

This food looks like an ordinary boiled egg. But, actually these eggs are boiled with water that is not common, namely the urine of a boy.

Boys’ urine will be collected at schools and markets that are deliberately placed by street vendors. It takes about a full day to make this virgin poached egg.

It will all start by soaking the egg in urine, then boiling it in urine, breaking the shell, and re-boiling it for hours to allow the urine to seep into the egg.

Myth says that eggs are good for health, protect against strokes, reduce body heat, increase blood circulation, and refresh the body.

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