5 Recommendations for the Latest School Indonesian Films, Ada Dear David

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School love stories are always interesting to follow. Not surprisingly, this theme is often made into films. The selection of the latest school Indonesian films is also quite diverse.

Not only presents romance, but also sprinkled with various other interesting stories. Starting from teenage problems to superheroes, everything is presented.



One of the films from this recommendation is an adaptation of the novel. There is also a remake film that comes with a fresher and more modern style.

Here are five recommendations for the latest school Indonesian films, compiled from various sources.

1. 12 Stories of Glen Anggara

The film, entitled 12 Stories of Glen Anggara, tells the story of a woman named Shena who asks Glen to be her lover.

However, Glen immediately refused, but at the next meeting Glen was confused when he found a piece of paper containing notes on Shena’s wish list.

2. Ballad if Roy

Si Roy balladThe latest Indonesian school films, one of which is Balada Si Roy (doc. IDN Pictures via YouTube)

The next recommendation for the latest school Indonesian film is Balada si Roy. This film was adapted from the novel of the same name by Gol A Gong.

Balada Si Roy tells the story of Roy, a young man who lives with his mother and dog named Joe. He recently moved schools from Bandung to Serang.

At his new school, he befriends Andi and Toni. However, he is harassed by Dullah, a leader of the Borsalino gang, because he dares to approach Ani.

3. Dear David

Dear David is the newest high school Indonesian film on Netflix. This film tells about Laras, a model student whose hobby is writing adult fantasy stories about David, her schoolmate.

One day, the story spreads and only David knows that Laras is the author. To keep the secret, David asked Laras to help him approach Dilla.

4. Gita Cinta from SMA

gita love from high school (2023)The latest Indonesian school films, one of which is Gita Cinta dari SMA (StarVision Plus via Imdb)

Gita Cinta dari SMA is a remake of the film of the same title which was released in 1979. This film presents the sweet and bittersweet love stories of teenagers in the 1980s.

As the title suggests, Gita Cinta from SMA tells about the romance between two high school teenagers, Galih and Ratna. Their love relationship did not go smoothly because Ratna’s father did not approve of it due to social status issues.

5. Virgo and The Sparkling

Virgo and The Sparklings is a film that tells about a teenager who is forced to show his hidden strength when there is chaos in the place where he lives.

This teen superhero film, part of the Bumilangit Universe, depicts the conflicts of school children, ranging from friendship to teenage romance.

Those are the recommendations for the latest school Indonesian films. Enjoy watching!


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