5 people rushed to the hospital after the Pertamina refinery in Dumai Riau exploded

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Five workers were rushed to the hospital due to an explosion at an oil refinery owned by PT Pertamina in Dumai, Riau, on Saturday (1/4) evening.

Pertamina Refinery Comm Rail & CSR Manager in Dumai, Agustiawan, said that the five people were taken to Pertamina Dumai Hospital.

“The cause of the incident is still unknown. There are five people affected in the operator’s room and are currently being taken to the Pertamina Dumai Hospital to receive the best treatment,” Agustiawan said as quoted by Detikcom.



According to Agustiawan, the five workers affected by the explosion are in stable condition after undergoing treatment at the hospital.

He also ensured that the Pertamina Emergency Team had handled the incident in the gas compressor area of ​​the refinery in Dumai. The fire caused by the explosion was also extinguished at 22.54 WIB.

“The fire has been extinguished. We ask residents to calm down. Pertamina is responsible for the impact of the explosion. We ask for your cooperation,” said Agustiawan.

The Mayor of Dumai City, Paisal, has also come to the Pertamina RU II Dumai location. He stood in the middle of the crowd to listen to their complaints.

“Please everyone be patient because currently it is being handled. Don’t provoke anyone,” said Paisal.

(Gambas:Video CNN)

The explosion that triggered the strong vibration occurred on Saturday at around 22.40 WIB. Neighbors said they felt a strong vibration when the sound of an explosion was heard.

One of the residents at the location, Rahmat, said he felt two strong vibrations during the explosion. Residents ran out of the house.

“Residents’ houses were damaged, which is a radius near the refinery. There is also a mosque around a 3-kilometer radius,” Rahmat told Detikcom.

A number of videos circulating also show residents’ houses shaking due to the explosion at the refinery. The ceiling of the mosque was also seen collapsing because of the strong explosion.

“The factory exploded,” said the video recorder.


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