3 Dangers of Drinking ORS while Fasting, Kidneys Can Be Damaged

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Some people believe that ORS can be used for doping liquids during Ramadan fasting. ORS is believed to be able to suppress thirst and hunger for a full day if consumed at dawn or breaking the fast.

In fact, according to nutrition specialist Tan Shot Yen, there is no relationship at all between the ability to fast all day long and drink ORS at dawn or breaking the fast. In fact, if ORS is taken without medical indications, it can be dangerous for health.

“Obviously dangerous. He (ORS), right, contains sugar and salt. If healthy people drink it, they can get excess sugar and excess salt,” Tan said during a press conference with PB IDI online about myths and facts about Ramadan fasting, Friday (31/ 3).



ORS, said Tan, is usually consumed by people who are acutely dehydrated. Usually, ORS will be given to those who have severe diarrhea to the point of lack of fluids.

When fasting people may experience dehydration. However, not the type of acute dehydration experienced by patients with diarrhea.

Therefore, instead of relying on ORS, you should meet your fluid needs during fasting with mineral water and eat healthy foods.

After all, said Tan, there are a number of health problems that a person can experience if they continuously consume ORS without medical indications. Here are some of the dangers of excess ORS.

1. Become more thirsty

The salt content in ORS is quite high. If a healthy person with a regular eating pattern during fasting continues to consume ORS, of course there will be a spike in sodium in the body.

According to Tan, excess salt or sodium in the body can actually cause the person to become thirsty easily. So, instead of suppressing thirst during fasting, ORS actually makes thirst even higher.

2. Nausea

nausea illustrationIllustration. Nausea, one of the dangers of consuming ORS during fasting. (iStockphoto/KittisakJirasittichai)

ORS can also make people who consume it experience nausea. This is the effect of the sugar content in ORS.

3. Kidney damage

If consumed continuously, ORS can cause quite dangerous conditions, especially for kidney health.

The content of sugar and salt which is quite high in ORS makes the body’s organs have to work extra, including the kidneys. This one organ will work harder and can cause damage.

“It can be very dangerous for the kidneys. That’s why it’s wiser to consume anything. You don’t need ORS, just plain water,” he said.


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