Wild Racing during Ramadan in Tangerang, Dozens of Teenagers Arrested

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Police arrested 29 teenagers who were involved in illegal racing on Jalan Baru Lugano, Citra Raya area, Panongan, Tangerang, Wednesday (29/3) evening.

Dozens of teenagers were arrested in the Condition Creation Operation (Cipkon). The operation was held to anticipate acts of theft, thuggery, motorcycle gangs, sarong wars, firecracker wars, and illegal racing.

“In this Cipkon operation, we arrested 29 teenagers who were allegedly involved in illegal racing on Jalan Baru Lugano, Citra Raya Panongan area,” said Panongan Iptu Police Chief Hotma Manurung in his statement, Friday (31/3).



Hotman said that in this activity, his party also secured 22 motorbikes without documents used for illegal racing.

After the arrest, said Hotma, the police immediately summoned the parents of the teenagers. The aim is to send a message so that parents can supervise their children more.

“We give an appeal to the parents of these teenagers not to repeat illegal racing, because of course it can disturb public order,” he said.

Before being sent home, the teenagers were asked to make a statement that they would not repeat their actions again.

“And it is mandatory to report to the Panongan Police,” concluded Hotma.


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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