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Hello Boxers! Gamecom Team has finally released their full game which of course we have been waiting for, namely Troublemaker Raise Your Gang! Maybe some of you have tried the demo of this game, but for those of you who don’t know, Troublemaker is an action-adventure-beat-’em-up game with several mini games and missions about schooling.

Well, we also have the chance to play this game thanks to the Gamecom Team! Instead of taking a long time, let’s just go straight into discussing how exciting it is to riot until you become the pinnacle of the strongest people in the game Troublemaker Raise Your Gang!

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Be a One Man Army

Just a little story for the Troublemaker, here we will play Budi, a young vocational school boy who is always involved in problems, namely fighting with other students. This problem eventually led to his being arrested by the police, where Budi’s mother finally decided to move and start a new beginning elsewhere, making Budi have to change schools and promise not to fight anymore.

Finally, Budi entered the Cipta Wiyata Vocational School, and as it turned out, this school had problems with alumni students who couldn’t find jobs after graduation. They blamed the education system for their situation, and the alumni decided to start harassing all the students as a form of protest.

The school also made a deal with alumni, where they would stop attacking all students if the school committed to helping prospective students after graduation. The school agrees, but since they don’t have the funds to support all the students, they decide that they will hold a fighting tournament called “Raise Your Gang”.

Budi, who previously promised not to fight anymore, inevitably has to fight again because his friend is being bullied, protecting the woman he loves, and looking for peace, which he must get all of these if he manages to win the Raise Your Gang tournament. Now it’s our turn to determine whether Budi will win the tournament or not!

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