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Two SSR characters, three costumes, and a new story event will be available in the latest version of Goddess of Victory: Nikke update starting March 30, 2023.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is scheduled to launch its latest update on March 30 2023. In this update, Goddess of Victory: Nikke will introduce 2 new SSR characters, 3 new costumes, and a new story event titled CHERRY BLOSSOM.

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New SSR Character

Two of SSR’s newest characters, Sakura and Nihilister, will debut in the latest version of Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

1. Sakura

This character is available on a limited basis in Special Recruit from March 30-April 13, 2023.

Class: Supporter
Weapon: Ichigenkin (SR)
Manufacturer: Tetra Line

After the Special Recruit period ends in this version, Sakura will be available in Ordinary Recruit, Social Recruit Points, and from Mold Items (Not available for new Special Recruit players and Ordinary Recruit (Tutorial)).

2. Nihilister

Nihilister was added to Liberation starting March 30, 2023. Choose your favorite character and complete exclusive missions in Second Liberation. Collect points every day to get Nihilister!

Class: Attacker
Weapon: End of the Old World (SR)
Manufacturer: Pilgrim

Nihilister tidak bisa didapatkan dari Special Recruit, Ordinary Recruit, New Commander Special Recruit, Ordinary Recruit (Tutorial), Social Point Recruit, dan Mold items.

New Costume

New costumes for three Goddess of Victory: Nikke characters will also be present in this version.

1. Special Costume: Noise – Cherry Blossom Stage

The Noise – Cherry Blossom Stage costume is available in the April Mission Pass from 31 March-30 April 2023.

After purchasing the April Mission Pass, complete daily missions to increase your level and get Recruit Vouchers and Mold Items. Reach the max level to claim the Noise – Cherry Blossom Stage costume.

2. Permanent Costume: Novel – Penguin Holmes

The new costume for Novel, with a Penguin Holmes theme, will be permanently available in the Costume Shop starting March 30, 2023.

3. Special Costume: Yuni – Pretty in Pink

Yuni’s Costume – Pretty in Pink can be obtained from the 21-Day Login Event. Log in every day during the event period to get various attractive prizes. Get Development Materials, as well as Yuni’s limited costume – Pretty in Pink if you successfully log in for 21 consecutive days.

Series of Prize Events

1. Story Event Baru: CHERRY BLOSSOM

Starting March 30-April 13 2023, players can enter the CHERRY BLOSSOM event page, complete challenges and win event items, to be exchanged at the Event Shop for various attractive prizes such as Recruit Vouchers and Skill Enhancement Materials.

2. 7-Day Login Event

Log in for 7 days during the period March 30-April 13 2023 to get attractive prizes in the form of Recruit Vouchers to Development Materials.

3. 21-Day Login Event

Log in for 7 days during the period March 30-April 27 2023 to get Development Materials, and Yuni’s limited costume – Pretty in Pink if you manage to log in for 21 consecutive days.

4. Full Burst Day Event

The Full Burst Day event will take place over the weekend on April 1-3 and 8-10 2023. Enjoy 2x equipment and material drops in the Interception and Simulation Room!

Complete information regarding the March 30, 2023 version update can be found on the Goddess of Victory: Nikke website.

Download Goddess of Victory: Nikke on the App Store and Google Play.

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