Moto3 Practice 1 Argentina: Sasaki Steals First Position from Masia

In the first exercise the calm lasted only five minutes. Riccardo Rossi who swallowed the first disappointment. He was forced to push his bike out of Turn 5 due to technical problems.

Diogo Moreira scored the fastest time of 1:51.765. However, he instead fell at Turn 1 a few seconds later. The MT Helmets – Msi racer managed to return to the pits.

When he stepped aside, first position changed twice in the eighth minute. Jaume Masia and Xavi Artigas hit the highest ranks. Tatsuki Suzuki and Dani Holgado joined the rivalry two minutes later.

Holgado topped the table with 1:50.602 in the 12th minute. Kaito Toba and Masia tried to approach him.

Meanwhile, the Honda Team Asia racer, Mario Suryo Aji, dropped from P18 to P19. One minute later, the Indonesian rider was knocked out of the top 20.

Holgado is getting faster entering 14 minutes. He sharpened his record time to 1:50,180. On the other hand, Diogo Moreira, who is waiting for motorbike repairs, slipped to 13th place.

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Up to 15 minutes, there has been no change in formation in the top five. Holgado, Masia, Toba, Artigas and Ayumu Sasaki are comfortable there.

In the last 10 minutes, light rain started to fall. There was a resurgence of some racers. Jaume Masia shot to the top after breaking through 1:50, followed by Suzuki, Holgado, Artigas and Toba.

Heavy rain made the majority of racers choose to enter the garage a few seconds before the finish flag was raised.

Sasaki became the fastest on lap 10, with 1:49.804. Masia (0.009), Suzuki (0.342), Holgado (0.376) and Romano Fenati (0.869) make up the top five. Meanwhile, Artigas, Toba, Matteo Bertelle, Deniz Oncu and Scott Ogden complete the top 10 formation. Mario Aji had to settle for 24th place.

Argentina Moto3 Practice 1 results

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