MG Will Build Factory in Indonesia, Fastest in 2 Years –

Bandung — MG Motor has again revealed plans to build a car assembly plant in Indonesia which is expected to be realized soon.

This is because the majority of units sold in Indonesia are currently produced at the MG Thailand factory.

Meanwhile, electric vehicles come from several countries in the world.

Arief Syarifudin, Marketing & PR Director of MG Motor Indonesia, said that until now the principal is still communicating with related parties.

“Currently we are still in constant communication with related parties regarding plans to build an MG factory in Indonesia,” he said when met in Bandung, West Java, Wednesday (29/3/2023).

indonesian mg factory

MG 4 EV electric car (Photo: Santo/Carmudi)

When asked further about the time range, Arief was reluctant to reveal the grid regarding this matter.

However, there are indications that the MG factory could be built in 2025 or in the next 2 years.

“As for when it will start, we cannot inform at this time. If the response from the public continues to be positive, it is possible that it will begin in 2025,” continued Arief.

According to Arief, his party has discussed with the government to build a factory so that this can be realized.

However, everything again depends on existing sales.

If you look at MG’s sales while in Indonesia since 2020, the sales figures have not been stable.

In 2020, the total number of vehicles that MG sold reached 313 units, 2021 totaled 1,010 units, and 2022 reached 959 units.

indonesian mg factory

“If for example requests like this continue to be made to MG, it is possible that we will also carry out a remodification plan to realize them,” explained Arief.

Previously, Rendi Radito Sales and Network Director of MG Motor Indonesia admitted that he had conducted in-depth communication with the government regarding the manufacturing process for the factory.

However, at that time he admitted that currently he was still focused on the vehicle import scheme, seeing that the number of sales was not that large.

If it is realized to build a factory in the near future, of course this will be good news for MG and consumers alike.

Consumers will feel happier with the price tag, which of course will be cheaper than cars sold on an imported basis.

Not only that, consumers will also feel more secure and comfortable with the availability of spare parts if the vehicle is produced locally.

MG will also be able to get more orders later if the price of the car being sold is cheaper than now.

Author: Rizen Panji
Editor: Dimas

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