Marc Klok Mosquitoes and Kudela Throws Towel in Persija vs Persib

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The postponed match of Persija Jakarta versus Persib Bandung in the League 1 match at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi presented drama from both sides, Friday (31/3) evening.

This match ended with a score of 2-0 for the victory of Persija. Two goals from the Kemayoran Tigers were scored by Riko Simanjuntak in the first half and striker Michael Krmencik’s header in the 72nd minute.

Throughout the match, there were at least two interesting incidents from the two teams. This incident both occurred on the sidelines which occurred when there was a break in changing and treating the doctor.



In the 58th minute, Luis Milla Aspas made a substitution. Marc Klok was withdrawn and replaced by Beckham Putra. Klok looked unhappy with the change in the 0-1 trailing condition.

When shaking hands with Milla, Klok showed displeased body language. The player who had just defended the Indonesian national team looked angry by kicking the bench of the players.

Five minutes later, 63 to be exact, defender Ondrej Kudela approached the Persija bench during a break for the team doctor to treat injured players. The number 17 user spoke with reserve goalkeeper Cahya Supriadi.

Cahya then ran to the goal boy, where there was a white towel. Cahya then threw the towel to the back, where the Persija players were warming up.

Somehow the story, the towel suddenly reached the hands of supporters. The supporter who got the towel was excited and waved it in the air before it was hidden.

This is the towel Persib player Robi Darwis uses to wipe the ball before throwing the ball. In the first half, Robi’s throw was quite troublesome for Persija’s defense.

Apart from these two incidents, the match, which was witnessed by 24,691 pairs of eyes, went fiercely. Like rival matches, there was some friction between Persija and Persib players.

However, all events on the field can be controlled by the players and the referee. Until the match was over, nothing happened that made it have to be postponed. After the match, the two teams again prioritized sportsmanship.

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