League 1 results: Riko Simanjuntak Brilliant, Persija beats Persib

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Persija Jakarta managed to beat Persib Bandung with a score of 2-0 in the League 1 match at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Friday (31/3). Riko Simanjuntak was the star in this match.

Persija, who appeared with the support of the audience, appeared full of enthusiasm from the start of the match. Throughout the first half, Persija had more mature opportunities to score goals.

Persija striker, Aji Kusuma, became a figure who twice threatened Persib’s goal. But the skill of goalkeeper Reky Rahayu made Aji’s chances raw.



The first moment was when Aji’s shot in front of goal was successfully pushed over by Reky. The ball then hit the goal post.

The second moment was when Aji headed Riko’s bait ball. But Aji’s header can be caught by Reky.

Persija’s hard effort to break into Persib’s goal finally paid off in injury time. Riko, who was so active in the first half, finally succeeded in shaking Persib’s goal.

This goal was created thanks to Riko’s foresight in reading the flow of the ball in Persib’s defense. Riko was able to steal the ball from a careless pass from Persib’s back row.

Riko ran to the penalty box and faced Reky one on one. Riko calmly released a pickaxe kick to fool Reky.

Entering the second half, Persib started trying to come out to suppress. The movements of Ciro Alves and David Da Silva have troubled Persija’s defense several times.

After not being able to score in the first 10 minutes of the second half, Luis Milla decided to field Beckham Putra, Kakang Rudianto and Ricky Kambuaya as new energy to the field. The three entered together in the 58th minute.

The Persija vs Persib match was hard and several times there was tension between the players.

Persija also began to maximize squad depth. Michael Krmencik and Hanif Sjahbandi came on in the 70th minute to add to the banging power.

In a fierce duel and mutually attacking Persija vs Persib, Krmencik was finally able to double Persija’s lead to 2-0. The goal came from a corner kick scheme.

BoLa was sent short towards Riko who was in the penalty box. Riko returned to carefully looking at Krmencik’s position, which was free and unguarded. Riko then sent a pass which was completed with a neat header by Krmencik.

In the remaining matches, Persib continued to try hard to suppress Persija. However, the 2-0 score for Persija lasted until the end of the match.

Persija also won three points while maintaining the opportunity to fight for second position with Persib.

Persija Jakarta (3-4-2-1)

Andritany Ardhiyasa; Muhammad Ferarri, Ondrej Kudela, Hansamu Yama; Rio Fahmi (Alfriyanto Nico 88), Syahrian Abimanyu (Dony Tri Pamungkas 79), Resky Fandi, Firza Andika; Riko Simanjuntak (Osvaldo Haay 88), Witan Sulaeman (Hanif Sjahbandi 70); Aji Kusuma (Michael Krmencik 70)

Persib Bandung (3-5-2)

Reky Rahayu; Nick Kuipers, Victor Igbonefo (Kakang Rudianto 58), Rachmat Irianto; Frets Butuan (Ricky Kambuaya 58), Robi Darwis, Dedi Kusnandar (Ezra Walian 79), Marc Klok (Beckham Putra 58), Daisuke Sato; Ciro Alves, David Silva


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