KSAL Attaches Frogman Brevet to 4 TNI High Officers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Muhammad Ali pinned the Frog Man Honor certificate from the elite Frog Troop Command (Kopaska) to four high-ranking Indonesian Navy officers.

The four officers include Asops KSAL Rear Admiral Denih Hendrata, Deputy for Assessment and Sensing of the Secretariat General Wantanas Rear Admiral TSNB Hutabarat.



Then Pangkoarmada I Rear Admiral Erwin S. Aldedarma and Pangkoarmada III Rear Admiral Agus Hariadi.

“This event (embedding) is a tradition from the Naval Frog Squad Command,” said Ali at Pondok Dayung, North Jakarta, Friday (31/3).

The honorary brevet is the highest award from Kopaska for four high-ranking officers who have given dharma devotion and contributed thoughts, energy, support, sympathy and morale for the development and progress of Kopaska.

The embedding ceremony was also marked by a number of attractions ranging from small boat operations, shootings and demolition, shooting pistols and taking code names.

On that occasion, Ali mentioned the shortcomings of both the personnel and defense equipment in the Puskopaska Koarmada III Command Unit, such as sea riders, to diving equipment, both closed circuit and open circuit.

“Indeed, our Kopaska are not too large in number because they are indeed special forces, if special forces are usually not too large in number. But their abilities are equivalent, one person can finish off a platoon, something like that,” he said.


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