KPK Summons Dito Mahendra Again over Money Laundering by Ex-MA Secretary

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) again summoned Mahendra Dito S alias Dito Mahendra as an entrepreneur today, Friday (31/3).

Dito will be examined as a witness in the case of alleged money laundering (TPPU) former Secretary of the Supreme Court (MA) Nurhadi Abdurrachman.

“The information we received, today the investigation team is again scheduling to summon Mahendra Dito as a witness,” said KPK Head of Reporting Section, Ali Fikri, Friday.



“KPK reminds those concerned to be cooperative in attending,” he said.

This is the second time Dito has been summoned as a witness. It is not yet known what material the KPK investigators want to explore during today’s examination.

On Monday (13/3), the KPK investigation team searched Dito’s residence in South Jakarta. The KPK found and secured 15 firearms of various types. Such as five glock type pistols, one S&W pistol, one kimber micro pistol, and eight long-barreled firearms.

The KPK has coordinated with the National Police regarding these findings. In the ongoing process, Bareskrim Polri stated that most of these firearms did not have permits. Bareskrim Polri has also implemented the Emergency Law to investigate the ownership of the said firearms.

Meanwhile, Nurhadi as the former Secretary of the Supreme Court was again charged with the Corruption Eradication Commission for alleged corruption and money laundering. Nurhadi allegedly received a sum of money from former Lippo Group President Commissioner Eddy Sindoro and friends.

Nurhadi is currently languishing at the Class I Prison (Lapas) Sukamiskin, Bandung, West Java, to serve a six-year prison term in connection with a bribery and gratuity case.

Based on the Supreme Court decision number: 4147 K/Pid.Sus/2021 dated 24 December 2021, Nurhadi was also sentenced to pay a fine of IDR 500 million, a subsidiary of three months in prison.

Meanwhile, the Rp. 83 billion criminal penalty as demanded by the KPK prosecutor was not granted by the panel of judges.


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