Imsakiyah and Fajr Schedule Today Saturday 1 April 2023

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The fasting month of Ramadan for Muslims in Indonesia has entered its second week, Saturday (1/4).

On the 10th day of fasting, knowing the time for imsakiyah and breaking the fast is important so that we can prepare everything well.

The Ministry of Religion through the Islamic Community Guidance of the Ministry of Religion has published a schedule related to the worship of the month of Ramadan, including imsakiah until the time of breaking the fast which is marked with the evening call to prayer for all regions in Indonesia.


SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT summarizes the time of imsakiyah and dawn prayer for a number of regions in Indonesia on the 10th day of Ramadan as follows.

The imsak time on the 10th day of Ramadan for the DKI Jakarta area will enter at 04.31 WIB. Ten minutes later, the muezzin called for the dawn call to prayer because it was entering the time.

Meanwhile for Bandung, the imsak time is at 04.28 WIB and at dawn 04.38 WIB. Shifting to Central Java, precisely in the city of Surakarta, the time of imsak is at 04.15 WIB and dawn at 04.25 WIB.

While the imsak falls at 04.17 WIB and dawn at 04.27 WIB in Yogyakarta City on the 10th day of this month of Ramadan.

For the time of imsak and dawn in the city of Surabaya is faster than the areas previously mentioned. In the City of Heroes, the imsak is at 04.07 WIB and dawn at 04.17 WIB.

In central Indonesia, namely in the city of Denpasar, the time of imsak on the 10th day of the month of Ramadan falls at 04.57 WITA and dawn at 05.07 WITA. In Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), the imsak will fall at 04.54 WITA, while dawn will fall at 05.04 WITA.

Furthermore, in Cenderawasih Papua, Jayapura City to be precise, the imsak time on the 10th day of the month of Ramadan falls at 04.14 WIT and dawn at 04.24 WIT.


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