Civic Type R for Honda Loyalists Patiently Waiting for the Pivot

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The newest Honda Civic Type R in Indonesia is a car that is hard to come by because the supply is limited. This year the supply of units from factories in Japan is approximately 10 units per month.

Yusak Billy Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of Honda Prospect Motor explained that 15 units had landed in Indonesia. A total of 10 units of which have been distributed to consumers.

While the total orders that have been accommodated are said to be 95 units.

“Only 10 units were sent, 15 units have arrived, 95 units have been ordered. Those that haven’t arrived yet will already be available next month, in May there will likely be 10, the next month will also be 10, in July the allocation will be above 10. It depends on what the developments are like in the middle of the road ,” said Yusak at the launch of the fifth generation Civic Type R in Jakarta, Thursday (30/3).

The Civic Type R, which currently costs IDR 1.39 billion, is not only difficult to obtain in Indonesia but also in the country of origin of its production, Japan.

At the beginning of this year Honda had stopped taking orders in Japan because the demand was too high compared to production capabilities.

The stoppage was also affected by the acute problem of the supply of semiconductor components and other components which are still being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Without certainty of future production volumes, the Civic Type R could not be printed more and this caused the stock to pile up in many countries.

Australia for example pivot has reached almost two years. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, at least now it is still better, considering that the order claims have been 95 units while the supply is around 10 units per month, so one consumer will experience at least a month’s pivot or a maximum of 10 months.

Ordering 95 units itself actually shows how many people in the country want to propose to the Civic Type R.

As a comparison, since the Civic Type R was first launched in Indonesia from 2017 to 2022,
Only 118 units sold.

“118 units, this has not yet launched 95 units,” said Billy.

Long pivots can make potential customers run away, but those who really know the goods may be more patient in waiting. According to Billy, the people who are eyeing the Civic Type R are Honda loyalists.

“Most of them are business owners and they are sports car lovers and Honda loyalists who have owned Honda cars before. We know what Honda’s quality is like, there are also many who have owned Type R before,” said Billy.

(Gambas:Video CNN)


(Gambas:Video CNN)

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