Victims of the U-20 Response Cancellation in RI: It’s Time to Focus on Tragedy

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia —

The victims of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy asked the Indonesian government to reflect on the poor handling of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy case, following the cancellation of Indonesia’s hosting of the U-20 World Cup.

“The government and PSSI should focus on handling the Kanjuruhan Tragedy,” said Coordinator of the Humane Tragedy Advocacy Team (Tatak) Imam Hidayat who accompanied the families of the Kanjuruhan victims, via a written message on WhatsApp, Thursday (30/3).



In a publication related to the decision to withdraw Indonesia from hosting the 2023 U-20 World Cup, FIFA alluded to the football tragedy in Indonesia in October 2022.

The Kanjuruhan tragedy occurred on October 1 2022 in Malang after the Arema FC vs Persebaya match. A total of 135 people died as a result of the tragedy.

“FIFA would like to underline that despite this decision, it remains committed to actively assisting PSSI, working closely together and with the support of President Joko Widodo’s government, in the process of transforming Indonesian football after the tragedy that occurred in October 2022,” wrote FIFA in a publication fragment quoted from official website, Wednesday (29/3).

Imam said FIFA clearly took into account the security and safety guarantees of the participating countries. According to him, this is vital and crucial.

“Security guarantees and handling of the U-20 World Cup event for all teams and supporters of world participants is very crucial and vital,” said Imam.

This, according to him, is related to the handling of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy case which ended badly. Marked by light sentences until the defendants were acquitted.

“While turning and paying attention to the acquittal of the two police officers, apart from the light sentences for the other defendants, FIFA authorities certainly cannot just ignore this,” he said.

Imam said that the cancellation of the World Cup event in Indonesia should be used by the government and apparatus to focus on continuing the handling of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy case, for the sake of justice and humanity.

He explained how to proceed with the investigation of the Model B Report which had been filed by the families of the victims of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy at the Malang Police. In addition to the disappointing decision of the Model A Report at the District Court (PN).

“Learning and taking lessons from everything, it is appropriate for us as a state of rechtsstaat law, to make LP B a proof of law enforcement by handling according to juridical and empirical facts of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy,” he said.

“All parties responsible must be punished without discrimination, conflicts of interest, let alone manipulative,” he added.

According to Imam, refocusing on handling and resolving the Kanjuruhan Tragedy case will be able to elevate the nation’s dignity.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of PSSI Zainudin Amali denied the notion that the 2023 U-20 World Cup was canceled because of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy.

Amali stated that the Kanjuruhan Tragedy was not the reason FIFA revoked Indonesia’s host status for the 2023 U-20 World Cup.

“Nothing. If it was because of Kanjuruhan, as soon as it happened, of course it would be revoked immediately. It has nothing to do with Kanjuruhan,” said Amali.


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