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Jakarta — Toyota emphasized efforts to continue to complement its product line in Indonesia with electrified cars.

In fact, according to the plan, Toyota will present a new electrification car every year.

All New Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV

All New Toyota RAV4 GR Sport PHEV. (Photo: Carmudi)

This was conveyed directly by the President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Henry Tanoto, Wednesday (29/3/2023) evening in Jakarta.

“For electrification it has been mentioned, so we always make a commitment every year to have new electrification products. So for sure this year there will also be more for that,” he told reporters.

However, he did not specify the vehicle model he was referring to.

To note, recently Toyota has also introduced one of its electrified cars in Indonesia, the RAV4 GR Sport PHEV, at the 2023 Gaikindo Jakarta Auto Week (GJAW) exhibition.

The car is planned to be present as the first plug-in hybrid GR Sport (GRS) model to be sold at retail this year.

Even so, Toyota hasn’t announced the price yet because when GJAW 2023 took place on March 10-19, this car was still in the homologation stage.

“For sure, yesterday we showed RAV4 at GJAW. Just wait for the time, we will announce further. Hopefully it can be done this year,” said Henry.

Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport Hybrid EV

Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport Hybrid EV (Photo: Carmudi/Mada Prastya)

Toyota’s GR Sport Model Goes Further Into Electrification Technology

The presence of the RAV4 GR Sport PHEV itself has an important role in Toyota’s electrification strategy in Indonesia.

The reason is that this marks the Toyota GRS models in Indonesia that are moving further into electrification technology.

“The important fact is that our GRS models start with the Corolla Cross GRS Hybrid, RAV4 GRS PHEV at GJAW. So it looks like our GRS is starting to use electrification,” continued Henry.

With the existence of GRS models with electrification technology, the public is expected to have vehicle product options that have a sporty “breath” as well as being environmentally friendly.

“And technology also varies, starting from ICE, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and of course BEV. For our products, we can provide a mobility solution,” said Henry.

Author: Mada Prastya
Editor: Dimas

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