Synopsis of The Hurricane Heist, Cinema Trans TV 30 March 2023

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Trans TV Cinema will show The Hurricane Heist (2018) tonight, Thursday (30/3) at 21.45 WIB. Here’s a synopsis of The Hurricane Heist, starring Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, and Ryan Kwanten.

The story of The Hurricane Heist began when Category 5 Hurricane Andrew hit the city of Gulfport in Alabama in 1992.



The disaster then forced Will (Toby Kebbell) and Breeze Rutledge (Ryan Kwanten) to be evacuated from the city until they lost their father.

Several years ago, Breeze worked as a maintenance staff at the United States Federal Reserve. While Will becomes a meteorologist at the United States Weather Service.

Scary memories of Will and Breeze’s past suddenly surfaced after another category 5 hurricane named Tammy is forecast to make landfall in Gulfport in 2018.

Anticipating this, one of the treasury staff at the Central Bank named Casey Corbyn (Maggie Grace) is asked by her colleague Randy Moreno (Christian Contreras) to call Breeze and Will.

The brothers are believed to be the right people to repair the generator at the Central Bank’s deposit facility.

At the same time, another treasury agent named Connor Perkins (Ralph Ineson) intends to take advantage of the complicated situation caused by the disaster. He plans to steal US $ 600 million stored in a high-security safe.

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Perkins then infiltrates and takes Moreno hostage who is on duty alone as Breeze and Will are busy fixing the generator with Corbyn.

He also invites a pair of lovers who are reliable computer hackers named Sasha Dietrich (Melissa Bolona) and Frears (Ed Birch).

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Synopsis of The Hurricane Heist, Cinema Trans TV 30 March 2023


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